Get your unit ready for severe weather


Just when the temperatures start warming up, severe weather
moves in to spoil the fun. Tomorrow is the first day of May, and that means
we’re closing in on thunderstorm season. Is your unit ready?

The threat of severe weather doesn’t always mean you need to
cancel your weekend camping trip. However, you should take precautions to avoid

First, go to the e-Learning site in MyScouting
and take the new “Weather Hazards” course (see a screenshot above). It features great graphics, a fast
pace, and plenty of hands-on activities. All of which makes it easier to tell
you this: Starting this year, it’s mandatory. At least one leader on every trip
must have taken the course.

After you’ve completed weather training, click here for the Health and Safety team’s collection of weather-related
links. And if you’re really ambitious, get your Boy Scouts to earn the
Weather merit badge.

To earn the badge, they’ll discuss weather safety, identify
clouds, and define high- and low-pressure systems. With that training, your
boys could be on their way to becoming the next Al Roker!

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