Knot of the Week: Tiger Cub Den Leader Award


The diamond-shaped Tiger Cub award is usually the first
patch a young Cub Scout receives. These first-graders search, discover, and share—hey, that’s the Tiger Cub motto—as they
complete 15 fun-filled requirements for the orange and yellow award.

Similarly, the Tiger
Cub Den Leader Award
is often the first square knot a new Scouter earns.
They earn it after completing tenure, training, and performance requirements.

Read how to earn this award in another edition of Knot of
the Week.

The BSA has made getting started a breeze. Simply click
here (PDF)
 for a
wallet-size progress report that you can print out and keep handy throughout
your time as a Tiger Cub den leader. As you complete requirements, check them
off and have your pack committee chairperson or Cubmaster verify your
completion. It’s that easy.

Other than serving as a registered Tiger Cub den leader for
a year, you must complete the following training programs:

  • “The
    New Tiger Cub Den Leader” Fast Start training
  • Basic
    training for Tiger Cub den leaders
  • Youth
    Protection Training (available here)

Also, you must participate in a Cub Scout leader pow wow or University of Scouting, or you must attend at least four roundtables.

Remaining requirements are based on your performance:

  • Conduct
    a Tiger Cub roundup in which you recruit at least five new Tiger Cub boy/adult
  • Support
    the host team each month for a year.
  • Have
    your Tiger Cub den attend at least three Cub Scout pack events per year.
  • Graduate
    at least 60 percent of your Tiger Cubs into Cub Scouts.
  • Report
    on the progress of your Tiger Cub den at 75 percent of the pack leader

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the
requirements. Recipients of this knot still serve a vital role in the
development of youth. By following the checklist, you'll make sure that your
boys—and you—are on the right track.

Chime In: For many Scouters who are
new to the program, the Tiger Cub Den Leader Award is their first knot. What
was your first square knot?

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