Take a trip into Scouting history


We love to hear a great story around a crackling campfire. But we love it even more when it comes straight from the source—especially the story of the Boy Scouts of America.

What you’ve read about the BSA in books or passed on to
eager boys at pack or troop meetings only grazes the surface. To get the complete story, visit the National Scouting Museum in Irving, Tex., and take in the 500,000 artifacts displayed there. And with the 100th anniversary of Scouting just around the
corner, the time is now.

Why? Because if you don't happen to live near Irving, you can make the trip into Scouting's history for less money than ever.

The National Scouting Museum recently announced a partnership with the Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau that offers special discounts on lodging. Fourteen hotels near the museum have reduced their rates for Scouting families, including some as low as $69 a night on weekends.

Combine that with the already-discounted $5 admission to the
museum for Scouts and Scouters, and your vacation budget just got stretched.

Opened at its current location in 2002, the museum offers 53,000 square feet of excitement, including interactive displays,
original Norman Rockwell paintings, and enough Scouting memorabilia to make the BSA's story come alive. Trust us.

And as long as you’re in town, you can make a weekend out of it, too. Enjoy a baseball game, visit a theme park,
or check out other museums in the area.

So don’t delay. Make plans to widen your
Scouting perspective.

Chime In: What’s
your most-cherished piece of Scouting memorabilia?

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