Boy Scouts to continue review of membership policy, take action at May meeting

The Boy Scouts of America’s executive board has directed committees to continue an exhaustive review of the BSA’s policy barring gays and lesbians from the program. The approximately 1,400 voting members of the national council will take action on the resolution at the national meeting in May 2013 in Grapevine, Texas.

Please read the full text of the BSA’s release:

For 103 years, the Boy Scouts of America has been a part of the fabric of this nation, providing it’s youth program of character development and values-based leadership training.   In the past two weeks, Scouting has received an outpouring of feedback from the American public. It reinforces how deeply people care about Scouting and how passionate they are about the organization.

After careful consideration and extensive dialogue within the Scouting family, along with comments from those outside the organization, the volunteer officers of the Boy Scouts of America’s National Executive Board concluded that due to the complexity of this issue, the organization needs time for a more deliberate review of its membership policy.

To that end, the executive board directed its committees to further engage representatives of Scouting’s membership and listen to their perspectives and concerns.  This will assist the officers’ work on a resolution on membership standards. The approximately 1,400 voting members of the national council will take action on the resolution at the national meeting in May 2013.

View the PDF of the release at this link.

506 thoughts on “Boy Scouts to continue review of membership policy, take action at May meeting

  1. I just responded on the National Facebook page as well asking what happened to A Scout is Brave? No matter what the decision is going to be it needs to be made.

    • I am extremely disappointed in the BSA announcement today. I have been a volunteer leader for 29 years and expect to do so for several more years regardless of the outcome of this vote. Pandora’s Box was opened with the announcement of this proposal and the only way to close the box and to end the uncertainty and resulting carnage is to quickly make a decision and vote. This is not something new that has suddenly been thrust on them as serious debate on this issue has been going on for a long time and they have the membership numbers and financial reports in front of them. Make a decision! Ou council has lost 4 chartervpartnerscthis week and a major FOS Donor. I’m not sure we can afford 3 more months of this.

    • mikemenn,

      They’ve been tossing this around for years. How much further are they going to kick this can down the road? It’s not like it’s going to go away if they keep ignoring it.

  2. Last Sunday was Scout Sunday at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd and at many other houses of worship across the country. Young men in khaki uniforms and merit badge sashes helped our ushers with bulletins and the collection basket, and we publicly thanked our troop leaders for their great work.

    The only remarkable aspect of that picture is that Good Shepherd is not just the sponsor of a Boy Scout troop and a Cub Scout pack but also an inclusive congregation — a faith community that gladly includes anyone regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We celebrated our first same-gender marriage in December after voters in Washington State backed marriage equality. We are part of a denomination that allows congregations to call gay and lesbian pastors.

    Reconciling these facets of our congregational personality can create a paradox. For a congregation to be truly inclusive, it needs to be able to welcome everyone, even those who don’t want to welcome everyone. While some people question our affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America, many of our strongest LGBT advocates see our troop sponsorship as an opportunity to demonstrate that welcome to the scouts and their parents.

    Don’t think that we accept the anti-gay policy of scouting’s national organization, because we believe it diminishes the scouting program that we cherish. No matter how hard we work at the troop level to be inclusive, the national policy will push some families away. Since scouting is part of our ministry to youth, the national policy hurts our congregation. We’ll gladly take scouting warts and all, but we look forward to the day when our troop can express as generous a welcome to LGBT families as our congregation does.

    Indeed it is hard to imagine how the national policy could actually be applied in a community that respects gays and lesbians. Are we really supposed to tell an elementary principal that he can’t be an assistant scoutmaster because of his sexual orientation? Do we exclude “avowed homosexuals” whose only vow is one of marriage, sanctioned by the state and performed by a Lutheran pastor? Do we really tell a lesbian married couple that only one mom should attend the court of honor?

    The national policy needs to change, but it need not come at the expense of other faith communities with other beliefs. Last Sunday was Scout Sunday at the Mormon church too. It is important that scouting work for many faiths, and in fact it does. Indeed, with the notable exception of the policy toward gays, scouting has been incredibly successful at encouraging a spiritual dimension of youth without endorsing any particular faith or denomination.

    The national scouting leaders have proposed to accommodate these differences by letting individual unit sponsors make their own decisions about whether to include LBGT people as troop volunteers and whether to include gay boys as scouts. This approach respects the range of conscience-bound views held by scouting families.

    The Lutheran church followed a similar “local option” path in 2009 when it changed its policy toward LGBT clergy. The ELCA did not compel every congregation to accept gay or lesbian clergy, but it allowed a congregation to make that decision for itself based on where it saw God leading them. The ELCA recognized that the sexual orientation of their clergy was not a core matter of faith for the denomination.

    A local option approach for scouting puts the sexual orientation issue where it belongs. It is not a core value of scouting. The leaders of our scout troop are emphatic in saying that they don’t want to be an anti-gay troop or a gay-friendly troop; they want to provide the best of scouting to all the boys and their families. For some sponsoring organizations, sexual orientation may be fundamental. For Good Shepherd Lutheran and many other congregations, scouting best serves our mission to youth when it respects our welcome of all people.

    • My opinion….
      The BSA will decide to either stay with the policy they have-(seriously doubt it) -OR- take NO position on this policy at all-( I see them doing this).
      It’s in the BSA’s best bu$ineSS interest to rethink this policy of “banning gays and lesbians” because it’s costing them corporate sponsorship money. If they “delete’ this policy -OR- re-write it to simply state that they neither endorse nor deny the LGBT community to be members in Scouting, and defer it to the Unit-Chartering Organization level – they stand a better chance of retaining or continuing to get the money that they’re losing right now. BOTTOM LINE: It’s all about money to them. This isn’t even addressing the tens of thousands they most likely spend these days in litigation costs in defending the policy they presently have??!!

    • You choose to use colorful and fancy words to attempt to justify your denominations sinful behavior in not following God’s written Word with regard obediently acknowledging homosexuality as an abomination to the temple of the Holy Spirit; God’s creation of man… There is no such thing as homosexual marriage in the eyes of God.. Marriage is a convenant between a man, a woman, and God.. God will never be part of a homosexual marriage so there will never be such a thing as a true homosexual marriage in the eyes of God.. This is just the truth; accept it or not.. Just because the militant homosexual aggressors have taken over your denomination it doesn’t make your denomination Godly on the issue of homosexuality and marriage and church leadership… God will woo your denomination back into obedience with His will known to me, you and all Christians who choose to read His Holy Word; the only way we know His true nature… I guess your denomination will either become obedient or remain disobedient but God will never change his mind on the issue.. homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God and sinful requiring forgiveness from Him in order to remain in a close relationship with Him.. Just truths; fancy words don’t change truths.. homosexuals will never change His true Word; will they??

    • The BSA policy concerning not allowing homosexuals, atheists, and agnostics to become members of their Godly organization does not have to change to appease you or any other human being on earth… They have policies based in Biblical Principles to appease a Godly mission to help nurture and build the character of you who choose to follow God’s written Word as He gave it to us in His Bible.. Just because your denomination has decided to ignore His word with regard to God’s declaration that Homosexuality is an abomination against His creation doesn’t mean that you can control everyone to follow your sinful ways of teaching His Word.. You should be more prayerful on this issue and listen closely to the Holy Spirit.. Truths never change; not in this modern day, past modern days or future modern days.. His Word is timeless and you can’t pick and choose which of His words you want to believe or not believe.. You have a responsibility as well as I have a responsibility to mold our characters to become more like Christ; I don’t think God is going to change His mind just to make you and your Lutheran denomination happy!! do you really believe that?? If you do then as the scouts would say “Be Prepared” for Him as He finds His ways to woo you all back into a closer relationship with Him.. He has His ways; some are gentle and some are firm…. but your always free to choose; part of what makes us beautiful when we choose to freely grow closer to Him….

      • Wallace – the BSA’s policies are NOT based on Biblical principles. From it’s very beginning the BSA has accepted members of all faiths. In my own experience I have attended a Scouting banquet for a unit sponsored by (and made up of members of) a Buddhist temple, although with a professional Scouter from the local Council. I have met Scouts from all over the world who are of a great many faiths. In fact, there are probably more Scouts professing Islam than there are any other single religion.

        • Every Godly faith understands homosexuality is sinful behavior or its really not a truly Godly organization.. There is only one True God.. I wonder if your free to join the Islamic Scouts of America.. Never heard of one; why don’t you go make one?? Wonder what that organization is like or would be like.. Let me know how you like it if you have the courage to go join it.. I can’t imagine what that might be like..

        • Wallace –
          The BSA welcomes Islamic Scouts. There is no need for an “Islamic Scouts of America” organization – Muslims are welcome in the BSA.
          The BSA also welcomes Hindu Scouts, Buddhist Scouts, Jewish Scouts, and even Pagan or Wiccan Scouts.

          A Scout is Reverent. He respects the beliefs of others.

          Many religions welcome homosexuals into their congregations. COs should be able to follow their own moral teachings when it comes to deciding who to welcome to their troops.

        • As an Eagle Scout & Leader with many many years of scouting experience I’ll “respectfully” say that you are either a liar or that you completely misunderstand the truth about the BSA. BSA Scouting is a Godly organization. The world scouting organization can freely choose to do whatever they freely choose to do. I don’t try to control the world scouting organization and I’m tolerant with regard to whatever they choose to do. I’m a member of the BSA, Boy Scouts of America. I say the Scout Oath and live the Scout Law. My choice; feely made. I will stand up against aggressive militant homosexuals and their supporters who are trying to destroy the BSA with their immoral pursuits of an equality that has no biblical support; equality isn’t biblical; understand that if your a biblical person; I am. This is from an old BSA Scout manual that I have which specifically addresses what “Morally Straight” means in the Scout Oath. “George Washington said that morality cannot be lasting without religion. A morally straight Scout knows how to love and serve God in the way He wants Him to. We are created by God and we owe certain duties to this Heavenly Father of all of us. You learn to perform these spiritual duties in your home and in your church or synagogue. Some Scouts learn these most important duties in the schools they attend. On Mt. Sinai God gave to Moses the Ten Commandments. He laid down certain definite Laws for all. Not to steal, not to lie, not to abuse your body are some of these Laws. Keeping these Commandments is an important step towards being morally straight.
          A loving Scout son always asks His Heavenly Father’s pardon before he goes to bed at night for any offense he may have committed in thought, word or deed during the day. This is a Scout’s way of saying: “I am sorry, dear God, and with your help I will not offend you again.” Your own spiritual leader, minister, priest or rabbi will teach you how to know God better. ” Then on the next page it defines “Reverent” as “He is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties, and respects the convictions of others in matters of custom and religion.” This doesn’t say that he is accepting of those convictions or embracing in these other customs etc. It says that a scout respects your freedom to choose to live your life in the way you choose to do so. I don’t just read words; I meditate on them and try to understand what they really mean. If you don’t understand the BSA to be a Godly organization that chooses freely to not accept active homosexuals, atheists, or agnostics into the BSA then your either lying to yourself and completely misunderstand what the BSA stands for or your simply another aggressive militant homosexual or homosexual supporter trying to hijack and steal something that simply doesn’t belong to you. Tomorrow I’ll be proudly pinning the Eagle Rank Medal on my son. It’s a good organization; one that I’m very proud to defend. And I encourage my son to defend the BSA now that he has become a leader in our troop; and he does. When you attack me as a member of the BSA you’ve chosen to be aggressive toward me and the BSA and I’ll fight for what I believe in. What kind of an Eagle Scout would I be if I didn’t bravely stand up for what I know to be the truth given to us through God’s Word; the same Word of God my old scout manual taught me to mold my character to every time I stood and stand and recite the Scout Oath.. It’s an oath to live by; builds good strong American Men.. That’s why I’m still a leader in the BSA; I want to be part of keeping this country free and strong and it takes the next generation of American Citizens to defend this nation and all it stands for as they prepare to defend our Constitution 24/7/365 and every day beyond… You should respect the BSA’s free choice to operate my organization in the very best way possible to acheve our mission and fulfill our committment to keep our country the greatest country on Earth. My free choice and I’ll defend the BSA Godly character; I’m part of it…

        • your saying there are more scouts of the Islamic faith in the BSA than any other Godly faith?? I dont believe that. prove it!! I’m only concerned with the BSA because other countries are not controlled by the BSA and they can chiose to do whatever they want to do..

  3. delaying the decision is going to cuase confusion and more issues. the press is going to have a field day wth this..

    • Couldn’t disagree more. Delay give everyone time to think, process and listen. MUCH better than a knee-jerk reaction. Is this how you run your life and scouting unit? I’m glad they’re taking their time.
      And so what on what the press does?

      • Mike, I respectfully disagree. The BSA has had years to consider their position, and the only thing that has changed is that some corporate gifts are being threatened, largely due to pressures from gay/lesbian influences. It is interesting to note that the most vocal voices for gay inclusion are also atheist and agnostic leaning people when you dig (certainly not all though). The BSA brought on the deadline by their announcement, and now is delaying likely still because of financial reasons. We are in the midst of FOS, through April, and the LDS,, and Methodist Catholic churches are not happy with a potential inclusion. Combined the three groups are a huge percentage of the BSA chartered organizations, and allowing gays to enter could well be the demise of the BSA.

  4. As a “representative of Scouting’s membership”, where/whom should I write to best be “engaged”?

  5. Delaying this decision is not morally right. The executive board is full of men afraid to take a stand against discrimination.

    • Taking time to think about something, listening, trying to understand, etc. isn’t “moral”? I’d like to hear your reasoning on this. I think these men … and women … are VERY brave and NOT afraid. Let’s support them, not belittle them.

      • You know in retrospect you are correct and there are times when I should take a moment before hitting send. I guess my frustration is that all of this bally-hoo is taking away from the real program. I simply want a decision made so that everyone can stop talking about it and move on.
        If National really wants to listen they need to use a formal survey done by a professional, respected entity asking the right questions.

        Now as you don’t know me you don’t know that this is a very unusual comment for me to make as I don’t put alot of stock in surveys in general. (Don’t get me started on the Voice of the Scout). But at least this gives the process some kind of direction?

        • Good reply. And I agree. Would be nice to put this behind us. I guess it’s hard for us “in the trenches” folks since we have no real power to sway (other than voicing our opinions to the right people) and we’d like to just get on with raising great kids.

      • Mike:

        I don’t know you, but you seem like a nice guy. You can’t be laid back and dispassionate about this question! Actually, I think the BSA National Execs and Council members are all deeply concerned and scared as all get out about this explosive issue.

        The antagonists have stretched and looked for weakness, continued to stretch and look for weakness, until this issue is stretched tighter than a gnat’s hind end stretched over a rain barrel.

        That being said, what is there to listen to, understand, and reason about with this issue? What it boils down to is whether or not A PRIVATE YOUTH ORGANIZATION, THAT HAS the RIGHT to DETERMINE MEMBERSHIP POLICIES, is going to cave to the gay, lesbian, transgendered and bisexual activist groups and their supporters. That is the issue!

        As I have stated before in this topic line, this is NOT about inclusiveness, discrimination, or sexual orientation. It is about the RIGHT that the BSA has to specify the BSA’s policies and ideals as a private youth organization and then practice said policies and ideals; no matter what antagonists say. Once again, that IS the BSA’s right as a PRIVATE youth organization.

        If individuals don’t agree with the BSA’s policies and membership requirements, then they have the right to disassociate themselves from the BSA and find a private youth organization that fulfills their ideals, or they have the right to establish the type of private youth organization they desire.

        I find it interesting that the gay, lesbian, transgendered, bisexual (GLTB) activists and their supporters have spent so much of their time and money to chip away at the ideals and membership policies of a positive PRIVATE youth organization, which does so much good within our communities, but the said GLTB activists and their supporters have not used their time and money to organize their own private GLTB youth organization, which is their right to do.

        I would think that after 20 years of litigious assaults upon the BSA (a private youth organization that has the right to determine membership policies for its members) by these activists that their money and time would be better spent on establishing such a needed organization.

        This aggressive onslaught by the GLTB activists and their supporters reeks of an ongoing activist agenda rather than true concern for the GLTB individuals who would like to be youth leaders. If the GLTB activists and their supporters were truly concerned, there would be private GLTB youth organization sponsored by them in every city in this nation. So, what’s their real motive?

    • The Executive Board is full of people – I imagine there’s women on it, too – who know that overturning a 103 year old policy that has this much contention and emotion concerning it is not something that should be done a) by them and b) with such short notice.

  6. Hallelujah, please take time to thoroughly look at the impacts of caving to PC nonsense. It has never been about allowing them to join us, it’s about destroying BSA. The left doesn’t want young men of moral character and what it takes to be a civic minded citizen at the local, state, or national level. They are already prepping for allowing atheist into BSA.

    • Well everybody knows that that the ONLY people with moral character are Christians, while homosexuals and atheists are out to destroy all that is good in this world.

      • now that sounds sarcastic. Godly organization.. and you recognize the one true God as the truth. and He teaches us what a Godly life is all about; living in His will and homosexual behavior is sinful.. and I dont believe the Christian faith is saying the homosexual isnt wanted in the church etc. but their behavior IS biblically sinful.. and the scouts decided a long time ago to be a Godly organization.. and there is only one bible that contains the true word of God.. and these biblical truths never change.. and He
        calla us each to prayerfully mold our lives to His will.. everyone has their iwn barriers

        • Walla e,

          I strongly suspect you are a troll, and that we should just ignore you. If you aren’t a troll, then I’m deeply saddened that you are a BSA registered leader and an Eagle Scout.

          If you are truly an Eagle Scout and a leader, it’s time for you to start living up to the standards of the organization you represent.

          You are attempting to impose your agenda of religious zealotry on everyone in the BSA, and that is in direct contradiction of the Declaration of Religious Principles that you signed on your Adult Application:

          “The Boy Scouts of America maintains that no member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God and, therefore, recognizes the religious element in the training of the member, but it is absolutely nonsectarian in its attitude toward that religious training. Its policy is that the home and organization or group with which the member is connected shall give definite attention to religious life. Only persons willing to subscribe to these precepts from the Declaration of Religious Principle and to the Bylaws of the Boy Scouts of America shall be entitled to certificates of leadership.”

          Let’s look further, shall we?

          - The Boy Scouts of America does not define what constitutes belief in God or the practice of religion.
          - The Boy Scouts of America does not require membership in a religious organization or association for enrollment in the movement but does prefer, and strongly encourages, member-ship and participation in the religious programs and activities of a church, synagogue, or other religious association. If a Scout does not belong to a religious organization or association, then his parent(s) or guardian(s) will be considered to be responsible for his religious development.
          - The Boy Scouts of America respects the convictions of those who exercise their constitutional freedom to practice religion as individuals without formal membership in organized religious organizations. In a few cases, there are those who, by conviction, do not feel it necessary to formally belong to an organized form of religion and seek to practice religion in accordance with their own personal convictions. Religious organizations have commended the Boy Scouts of America for encouraging youth to participate in organized religious activities. However, these same organizations reject any form of compulsion to enforce conformity to established religious practices.
          - If a boy says he is a member of a religious body, the standards by which he should be evaluated are those of that group. This is why the application for the Eagle Scout Award requests a reference from his religious leader to indicate whether he has lived up to their expectations. Throughout life, Scouts are associated with people of different faiths. Scouting believes in religious freedom, respecting others whose religion may differ from theirs, and in the right of all to worship God in their own way.

          (This material was sourced from … I happen to have that site bookmarked).

  7. So it looks like in May they’ll have to either decide to join the 21st century or start preparing to enter the history books.

    • There is no evidence that allowing openly gay individuals is a savior to the program. The Girl Scouts, Exploring, Campfire, Boy & Girls club, membership drops even though they have openly gay members.

      There may be some more money nationally, but our whole district which heavily relies on LDS and Catholic church resources will likely fail if they pull out. I haven’t talked to Council but they have been talking of merging with another council long before this. Oddly enough overall Council membership has been growing.

      • Both the LDS church and the Catholic church embrace celibate gay members. Why would they want the BSA to reject these people as members?

    • Brad:
      Your a kinsman, and I can’t believe you made that comment. Joining in with the 21st century doesn’t mean its right or moral!

      This is an issue about the RIGHT of a private youth organization to determine it’s ideals and membership policies. Nothing to do with inclusion, discrimination, or sexual orientation.

      Anyone who feels they need to catch up with the moral decay of the 21st century is sadly mistaken and doesn’t understand what the Boy Scout Oath is about.

  8. Ruling that each charter sponsor can decide for themselves opens individual sponsors up to litigation if not protected by the national policy. Also, although each charter partner had the right to choose, it would effect district, council and national events where groups are brought together. I understand that many of your religious based charter partners are opposed to this change, making up half or nearly half of all membership. I understand that there might be some corporate sponsership that is threatening to withdraw if you don’t make the change. When United Way pulled out their support years ago everyone was so worried about the financial problem it would be, but others who supported BSA stepped up. Please think carefully and prayerfully about this decision.

    • As far as litigation. I submit that most COs, long before the SCOTUS decision, already had a policy in place. And the ban in 2000 actually made alot of groups that were already inclusive restrict their membership against their will.
      The same goes for groups who were already restricted. The ban simply made it easier.

      Either way, if the COs weren’t being sued then, why would they be sued now? Nothing has really changed as far as their membership policies.

      My concern, as an ADC is the PTAs and what kind (if any) of issues will this raise? I mean these groups are simply parents who volunteer at the schools and may just not want to be involved in the drama. So they will just withdraw the charters OR the other scenerio is a parent will use their position in the PTA to push a personal agenda also resulting in the withdrawl of the charter.

      Either way………..drama is coming. I just wish a decision would come either way so we can get on with it and get it over.

    • You are correct. If national take a up to units decission that will allow the ACLU to attack each council, district or unit. That will make it easy for them to win. They have the bucks and the smaller the group they attack the easier the win. Once they get a win all will fall!

      • Chartered units already have the right to say who is permitted in their units in may other realms. For example, a unit chartered to a church currently may elect to only have members and leaders who are members of that parish.

        When that occurs, it is the district’s responsibility to make sure that other units are available to others. This doesn’t result in lawsuits, and a church can’t be sued by anyone over it’s religious beliefs, even it it involves homosexuality. The Dale Decision also still says that BSA has the right to it’s own membership standards concerning anything.

        So the rumor that the proposed change will result in lawsuits is a myth and past experience bears that out.

        • Since when has any decision ever resulted in stopping the ACLU???? They will still attack… thats what they do… and they will keep attacking until a CO either gives in or pulls their charters…. it is that simple… The reality of the situation is that nobody is going to win….

      • Even the ACLU can’t defeat a decision made by the US Supreme Court which protects the BSA’s right to freely operate their organization anyway they legally see fit to do.. A right protected under the US Constitution and protected daily by all invaders who choose to try to take Constitutional rights away including the ACLU, and other anti freedom groups.. Our military troops defend these rights every moment of every day, 365 days a year and forever as long as there is a United States of America…

  9. A majority of Americans, over 56%, consider homosexuality to be “morally acceptable,” while only 39% view it as “morally wrong.”

    Now this is the Boy Scouts OF AMERICA… shouldn’t the organization reflect the views and values of the country it is serving?

    The BSA established it’s current interpretation of the Scout Oath and Law to defend the exclusion of homosexuals in the case of “BSA v. Dale” (2000). It was developed with a 1990′s outlook. But a lot has changed since then. In 2000, public acceptance of homosexual behavior was under 35%. The overall public understanding of homosexuality was misguided. We, as a nation, were ignorant. But it’s 2013 things change.

    The BSA needs to get with the times and adapt to the nation it’s serving or else I agree that they’ll soon be only found in the history books.

    (Data source:

    • Another Gallup poll taken in late November 2012 (2 months ago) asked questions on a variety of homosexual rights. All the questions except for one showed a majority of respondents in favor of homosexual rights. A specific question asked if BSA should allow homosexual leaders. A majority said no. Yes 42% (should allow homosexual leaders), No 52% (should not). I believe the margin of error was plus/minus 4%

    • I respectfully disagree. You can find statistics that will reflect the opposite. The BSA should reflect the views and values of those participating, registered members, and only participating registered members. They have a stake in the program. They are vested in its survival. Outside opinions are fine but not at the expense of those who serve and build it everyday. National seems to have forgotten that as evidenced by their decision today. Those of us in the program need to make double sure they never forget it again.

      • Currently registered members aren’t the only stakeholders affected by this discussion… what about all the people who want to join but can’t because of the current policy? Don’t they get a voice? What about former members who left in protest because of the policy? If only people already in Scout can have a voice, you’ll get a very skewed view on the issue.

        • Respectfully I would say no they do not not until they are will find that almost every single private volunteer organization operates in a similar manner. Membership decisions are left to the members. The BSA is in this situation because they listed to those with no vested interest in the program.

    • No one asked me. Everyone I know thinks homosexuality is morally wrong. Polls are taken by groups that ask questions that get answers they want to promote their views. National needs to to set up a website to allow leaders and parents for thier oppinions.

    • The BSA should stand true to their mission of standing with an oath of moral integrity and if the organization fails a new organization will rise up because the mission is a true mission… Evangelical Churches are booming because people are fleeing the Presbyterian (USA), Lutheran and Episcopalean denominations.. Their denominations will in time go bankrupt as people come to realized that their denominations have been taken over by militant homosexual aggressors… God has His ways of keeping us all turning to Him.. I wouldn’t join those denominations and wait for those ways to come…

    • God has ruled homosexuality to be an abomination to His creation.. It doesn’t matter if 99.999% of his creation believes it or not.. His truths don’t change just because we say or think they do.. Truths never change… His Word never changes..Also 56% of the population do not believe homosexuality is morally acceptable.. you should substantiate your lies with documentation.. That is a lie and you know its a lie…

  10. Scouting is a safe haven for our kids. I would like for it to remain so. Scouting has morals as well as merits.

    • Yes, and I would like my kids to learn the morals and values of respect, tolerance, compassion, understanding, and diversity. Shunning people because of who they are isn’t very Scout-like.

      • You don’t understand the true mission of the BSA… maybe homosexuals should practice tolerance, respect, compassion, understanding, and allow the BSA to run their private organization in the manner they choose to run it in order to achieve the mission of the organization which is to nurture boys to grow to become young men of Godly moral character.. You should find another organization if you don’t think the BSA is a good fit for your children. It isn’t for every boy and there is no requirement that your son participate in the organization.. But if it is an organization you want your boy to be involved in because of the Biblical Principles they follow then you should encourage your son to participate in the program… or maybe it would be best if you simply created your own youth organization with your own ideals being the template to build your program around… this is the United States of America and your certainly free to do that.. The US Constitution and the US Supreme Court give you the freedom to do the exact same thing the Boy Scouts of America have done… good luck….

        • Wallace, with all due respect, the BSA is not a Christian organization. There are Scouts for whom Biblical Principles are not part of their religious beliefs. Expecting the BSA’s policies to strictly follow the beliefs of any one religion is misguided.

      • Morals and values…..and where does homosexualality fit in that? If you are or were a scout or leader this is the code we strive for. Also from one who was abused from a leader as a child I can’t and won’t let any boy be a possible target. And I’ll quote the White House ” If it saves just one child, then its worth it.”

        • Abuse is wrong. There is no place for it in scouting.
          No one here, on either side of the issue, wants children to be abused.

          Those for removing the ban believe there are good men and women, who are gay/lesbian, who are fully capable of working with kids without abusing them, and that the BSA will benefit from their involvement..

        • I’m sorry for what happened to you, john, but excluding homosexuals from scouting won’t prevent abuse. (As it clearly did not in your case). I agree, abuse is wrong. We therefore don’t allow abusers in.

  11. The Mormon Church allows gay members in their church… but they won’t let them in Scouts? Huh? I’m confused. Let’s just stop the discrimination!

    • When you stand up for a biblical principle I guess your in good company and if you want to call that discrimanation then I guess your saying that God discriminates too… He wrote the book and He’s the one who said homosexuality is an abomination against His creation.. If you don’t believe in God then your not welcome to join the Boy Scouts of America.. It’s ok that the BSA has standards of morality consistent with Biblical Principles.. The US Supreme Court even said it was OK for the Scouts to be a Godly organization and discriminate based on Biblical Principles… Sinful Behavior is actually immoral behavior… like I said; if your not a believer in God then join another organization… I’m in the BSA because I’m a believer in God and try to mold my behavior to His principles given to us by Him through His Holy Word.. its my life choice; freely made… Maybe the Mormon’s should start their own youth organization based on their principles for living… or is it just easier to hijack the BSA and try to bring some sort of behavior justification to homosexual sinfullness by affilitating with a solid traditional organization like the BSA..

      • Wallace I liked your comment until you spoke about the LDS on Scouting and Gays. Apparently you don’t know about LDS, they tolerate people that have same sex attraction but using Gods will they aren’t suppose to act on that attraction. It’s an old Christian belief where some Christian Churches have gotten away from because they think that they would lose members if they allow same sex attraction. LDS troop are led by people of high morals, not people of no values.

        • Does the LDS follow the King James Version of the Holy Bible.. if not then we do disagree.. That’s the version of God’s Word I follow… God considers homosexuality sinful behavior and an abomination against His creation… If you’ve been baptized then you’ve accepted the Holy Spirit into His creation; your body… But I’m not casting any stones at anyone; I’m not the judge… and when facing judgement by the mob Jesus convinced the mob to disperse and told the sinner to go on in her life.. but he didn’t tell her to go on in her life and continue sinning… He told her to go on in her life and to sin no more.. There is a far greater love than fulfillment of a sexual desire.. It doesn’t matter what sexual orientation, race, gender, or any other nature you are; He calls us to be in a close relationship with Him and that can’t be achieved through living a life in sinful disobedience… That’s why I choose to accept His blood for my forgiveness… we all have sinful behaviors but I’m not trying to change sinful behaviors into being morally acceptable behavior just because were alive today (this “modern” day).. Scouts don’t want homosexuals to be leaders or members; why would they want to be?? How will they stand up for an oath that calls them to be morally straight.. but they can choose to aspire to a greater love and choose to be morally straight not engaging in sinful behavior… then why would they even reveal their struggle; we all have our crosses to bare… I don’t expect anyone to change His Word to eliminate my sins and to free me to live an immoral life; I’d always know the truth; the Holy Spirit would constantly haunt me with it until I repented.. I’m thankful for that… My desire is Eternal Life; the one Jesus promised to me…

      • Wallace – why do you hold the sin, as you see it, of homosexuality so far above similar sins? Adultery, for example, is not Biblical, yet the BSA does not take a stand on it. Similarly, sex before marriage is sinful, yet the BSA does not ban Scouts who sin in this way. Why the different rule for homosexuality? Are we not all sinners?

  12. I feel we should leave our policy the way it is..we do not need gays or lesbians in our organizations..Baden Powell would be very disappointed in us if we would allow this influence amongst out boys

        • That is NOT the issue. It is the right of a private youth organization to determine its own ideals and vision. It is the right of choice and the Scouting ideal of being “morally straight,” as defined by Judeo-Christian and other religious faiths, that is at the heart of this issue.

          The BSA has a right to espouse those beliefs, just as a gay, lesbian, transgendered, or bisexual (GLTB) has a right to espouse their beliefs. The problem has been that the activist GLTB agenda has been to force their beliefs upon the BSA. It has nothing to do with being “socially enlightened” or inclusive, but everything to do with forcing a private organization to follow the GLTB beliefs.

        • If you read some of his books, B P actively took part in discrimination and exclusion on a daily basis. Racial purity is also one of the recurring themes of his different books. The Siege of Mafeking which was one of the catalysts for by scouting movement was part of a “white man’s war”.
          Off the top of my head almost all of his military based books are pretty exclusionary if not racist.

          As for the homosexual. B P writes of self control in all things sexual and how biological functions should be addressed only with one’s wife. In Rovering to Success Chapter 3 he writes of sexual matters with significant depth.

        • Markus Harrild, the BSA is not considering a policy on transgendered members, so the GBLT abbreviation does not really apply here.

    • Would you seriously allow your 11 year old son to go on a campout with two homosexual lovers who chose to become leaders of a boy scout troop?? I wouldn’t.. that’s what’s going to happen if you allow homosexuals to be leaders in the BSA.. Different for a baseball team playing one two hour game and as a parent your right there for the whole game… How will that headline look in the newspaper?? Think the media isn’t having a field day trying to attack and discredit all the good works that have taken place in the BSA over the years with the tragic events that at times happen in every organization… It would be the beginning of the end of an amazing American institution….

      • Would I seriously allow your 11 year old son to go on a campout with two homosexual lovers who chose to become leaders of a boy scout troop? Yes, I would. I currently let him spend extended time alone with his two guy aunts.

        • * whoops, I meant MY son. I would let my son go camping with 2 homosexual leaders… he already has gone camping with my sister and her wife outside of Scouting.

      • >>>Would you seriously allow your 11 year old son to go on a campout with two homosexual lovers who chose to become leaders of a boy scout troop??

        How would that be any different than going with a heterosexual married couple? If I felt uncomfortable with any leader, for any reason, I’d make sure my husband or a trusted friend went along on the trip, or my boy wouldn’t go. It’s my job as a parent to make these calls on an individual basis. Blanket bans may give the illusion of protection, but in fact they aren’t particularly helpful.

        • then you definitely dont understand what scouting is all about.. its about letting your son go with a morally straight trustworthy group if men to learn moral lessons, outdoor skills, citiczenship, friendships; its really a guy thing; you really wont understand.. call me whatever; if you just said what you said you really have no idea what the Boy Scouts of America is all about!!

        • Walla e –

          I completely agree that part of scouting is learning outdoor skills, moral lessons, leadership, and citizenship, making good friends along the way. My husband and I value all that our son has learned through scouting, and we are proud of the young man our scout has become.

          That said, I don’t blindly trust a scoutmaster any more than I blindly trust a teacher or a priest. The days when those in such professions could be assumed to be uniformly pure and good are over; in fact we have learned that it was never true. If I am uncomfortable with someone in such a position being around my child, I will exercise caution; I hope all parents do the same. This doesn’t mean I don’t know what scouting is all about; it just means I am a cautious mom – that’s my job. Over time, individuals in the BSA have earned my trust, and my son has spent many years on staff at summer camp.

          Where you and I differ is that I think that gay and lesbian youth can also benefit from what scouting has to offer, and that they do not pose any more of a risk, as a group, than heterosexual scouts. (In fact, there are already gay and lesbian scouts in troops who practice a de facto “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy; these scouts are good kids, who have a lot to offer scouting.) In addition, we differ in our religious beliefs as to whether it is possible for someone with same-sex attraction to live a moral life, and whether the BSA should be standing in judgement of this or whether it should be left between the Scout, his CO’s leadership (as opposed to National), and his God, much as the BSA currently treats issues of sexual purity and morality .for heterosexual scouts.

        • What makes you think anyone has any right to attack the BSA and their membership policies? their a private AMERICAN organizatiin free to choose the way they want to run their organization. if theybwere exclusively white and promoted an agenda toward working to promote white people in our American society what would people and the media say; what do people say about the NAACP now.. shouldn’t they be under attack for not including everyone in their mission and forced to promote whites, yellow, blacks, reds, homosexuals etc.. NO.. its their freedom to choose to operate their organization anyway they choose.. If the BSA say we’ve decided to be a Christian organization then their a Christian organization and your being intolerant and disrespectful of their American right to freely run their organization anyway they choose.. that’s the real issue.. it doesn’t belong to everyone.. some people are excluded because their principles for living a moral life dont align with the moral standards the BSA has chosen freely to set.. I think people that don’t like the way the NSA is run should walk away and leave the BSA alone.. the members who have chosen to spend their lives complying with the program deserve the same respect that members of the NAACP get. the majority of people involved in the BSA are Christians.. thats a simple fact; do you dispute that.. I dont belive the BSA has any such thing as a dont ask dont tell policy; never in my life ever heard of such a thinv in the BSA; your invention??? the BSA doesn’t recognize different God’s; is that what your implying? there is only one God and there is only one written Word where He has revealed Himself to us about His Way… if you join the BSA accept that and if you diagree then why would you join.. I’m not a member of the KKK because I choose not to agree with their ideals.. do I have a right to change what they freely choose to be? No.. I don’t even pay them any attention..

      • Explain to me the difference between leaders that are two homosexual lovers as opposed to two heterosexual lovers. Your child wouldn’t be a part of either loving relationship, so I don’t comprehend your phobia.

        • if i have to explain this to you then i’m probably waisting my time but this is hust a fact of the matter whether you want to accept it or not.. a heterosexual couple don’t lead boy scout troops; at least they shouldn’t. they shouldn’t be out together on campouts with the boys.. if you allow two male homosexuals ti become leaders of troops some are going to be bad and think displaying affection to eachother around the boys would be good to teach the byos that homosexual live is normal and acceptable.. most of; nearly all, the boys and other adult leaders will be repulsed; fact of nature that isn’t changing no matter how much you try to wish it away.. now the BSA has all kinds of more problems to deal with.. you cant see that writing on the wall? if you say no then your either blind or simply lying to me.. your not going to change the mind of a heterosexual man or boy on the way they feel; YOU ARENT going ti desensetize them and their parents are pulling them out of the troop anyway.. if you want homosexual youth led organizations then for your own… Yes! that’s really the answer if you feel so strongly about this.. why terrorize and hijack the BSA?? cause its a social agenda!!!the homisexual l

        • Why shouldn’t a heterosexual couple lead a boy scout troop? There is no policy disallowing this. In fact, in the YPT guidelines, Scouters who are married to each other are permitted to share a tent. I know many married leaders that attend camping events together.

        • women shouldn’t be on overnight campouts with the adult male leaders and with the boys.. that’s not what the Boy Scouts should be all about.. its extremely akward for the boys; ever ask them?? I have.. just not what scouting is about.. if you don’t understand then go back and read what Baden Powell envisioned for the scouts and prayerfully try to understand it.. if you can’t understand then I doubt you’ll accept any message I have to share.. the Boy Scouts of America shouldn’t have women on campouts with the boys..

        • Walla e, you’re proposing a new ban? I, for one, go on campouts with boys all the time. If I didn’t, our troop wouldn’t have two deep leadership. It’s that way for many troops. They aren’t all so fortunate as to have enough men step forward to lead.

        • Not by choice, we currently have more female committee members than men. We do end up with females on camp-outs to ensure 2-deep leadership. Luckily at least 1 is firm in discipline while others less so (more nurturers). Some come through the ranks with cord still attached too. Most know it and cutting the cord is a process for both son and mother. We try to help with that.

          I am aware that it is common practice for single parents to seek out troops so their sons can be exposed to male influence. My goal is to minimize the number of females involved in the troop not by losing these women but hopefully expanding the male influence/numbers within the troop.

          I respect what my female members bring to the troop but recognize the need to maintain a masculine experience.

        • homosexuality is repulsive behavior not only to adult heterosexuals but to heterosexual youth too. isn’t the truth allowed into the discussion.. there will be homosexual leaders who would feel some sort of duty to try to normalize their abnormal behavior by exhibiting intimacy withtheir homosexual bf during campouts etc.; not hard to see into that crystal ball; wouldn’t be much of a scout if you weren’t prepared to see that coming if the BSA changes their policy.. its not a phobia; no fear involved.. its a feeling of repulsion.. just natural feelings a heterosexual would have seeing homosexual behavior.. the bible says God sees homosexuality as an abomination; He’s not afraid of it either, just finds that sinful behavior ti be repulsive too.. lot of catch words out there that aggressive militant homosexuals like to call people ti try to demonize their natural feelings toward homosexuality.. doesn’t change the truth that heterosexual adults and children feel repulsed by the exhibition of homosexual intimacy.. are you afraid of just allowing people to be honest about how they feel about homosexual behavior.. I hope you understand there are homosexuals out there with aggressive sociaal agendas thinking their going to terrorize or desensitize people away from their human nature??? its ridiculous idea; this isn’t racism which is dying.. thia is perverted abnormal sexual behavior which will forever be repulsive to heterosexual people… no place in a scout troop for homosexual male lovers to be in a leadership position pushing this kind of social agenda. truths

        • Honestly, Mike, I agree with you. One of the things I value in the program is the male role models that my son encounters in scouting. I am a single mother as well. When my son joined as a tiger, he did so because he wanted to shoot bb guns. I was asked to be a leader because no one else would do it. I was his webelos den leader as well. (We left the program during wolf and bear years because of lack of leadership in the pack). When we came back when he was in the 4th grade, I really wanted someone else to be the den leader. I was working 50 to 60 hours a week and trying to work on my masters degree. I did it because there were no other options. By the time my son crossed over into his troop, I could not imagine not being part of it. I was hooked. I’ve met some of my best friends in scouting, both males and females. I have had unforgettable experiences with my son. I do know, however, that there are plenty of things I can’t teach him. (Or the other boys). I don’t try to take the place of the men. I see myself as present in a support role. I am much better at maintaining the discipline with the other boys. I do have a bit of a nurturing side, and some of my male friends know when to tell me to tone it down. In the time we have spent in scouting, though, we have become a scouting family. I foresee myself volunteering with this organization long after my son ages out. At the age of 14, he is looking forward to the day that he will share scouting with a son of his own.

          Incidentally, my son also wants the current policy excluding gay members changed. When I told him they were considering it, he said “it’s about time”

        • Too bad beth. if you truly respected what scouting is all about you’d find adult male role models for the boys to camp with. they might say their ok with you being there but most would only just be being polite.. i would instinctively feel very out of place going camping with the girl scouts in a similar fashion. wrongful. it just is wehether you want to accept that truth or not.

        • I would find adult male role models for the boys to camp with? There are adult male role models for the boys to camp with. Sometimes, if I don’t go, there won’t be two of them, however. Why am I in boy scouts rather than girl scouts? Because I’ve been blessed with a son rather than a daughter. I’m involved in it specifically to spend time with my son doing something we both enjoy. As an aside, I help to put on a quality program not only for the boys in my son’s troop, but for the cub scout pack he was a member of (which I still volunteer for), the district and the council. I’m proud of the work I do with the BSA. Trust me, as a single mom, I know my son needs strong male role models, which is another reason why I value the program, because he has plenty of role models from which to choose.

        • Mike – You sound like a wise leader. The BSA and the Scouts in your troop, are lucky to have you.

  13. Well, Praise teh Lord. The People won round one. Now it is up to the Council and those who care that the Scouts stay “Morally Straight” must Stand Firm and stay on the offense. The enemies are not going to and we have won a battle the War is still on and at risk. Here is a perfect example of why this issue is so severe and puts our young at risk and look at some of the comments by the professional radical responders. You must get involved and stay involved and let your voices be heard loud, often and clear.
    Here is a letter I sent to the Board yesterday and News article posted yesterday also.

    To Wayne Brock
    Boy Scouts of America Board of Directors
    I am a former Scout
    Here is a classic prime example of what most are saying to you.
    Organization faces vote on policy for homosexuals
    Published: February 5, 2013 2 hours ago

    A former Boy Scout leader has been charged with sodomizing a boy in his troop who was under the age of 13.
    News of the indictment Monday by a grand jury in Charlottesville, Va., comes as the Boy Scouts of America faces a vote tomorrow by its executive board that could reverse the iconic organization’s century-old policy of barring homosexuals from its ranks.
    David Watkins, 49, was arrested Nov. 28 in Charlottesville, Va., where he works as CEO of Watkins Computer Services. Watkins founded Keswick Troop 1028 in 2002 and was its scoutmaster until 2008.
    The abuse took place in 2005, according to court documents, but the victim, now an adult, waited several years before coming forward, reported WHSV-TV in Harrisonburg, Va.
    This is what happens when an organization compromises its core values for the sake of “cash”.

    The three major promises of the Scout Oath are:
    Duty to God and country,
    Duty to other people, and
    Duty to self (to keep oneself morally straight)
    “Be morally straight. To be a person of strong character, your relationships with others should be honest and open. You should respect and defend the rights of all people. Be clean in your speech and actions, and remain faithful in your religious beliefs. The values you practice as a Scout will help you shape a life of virtue and self-reliance.”
    God will hold you accountable for these actions.
    Taylor E. Hoynes, Jr.

    • I don’t see how this story applies to the policy. It sounds like a Youth Protection policy issue. Was this so-called leader a confirmed homosexual? Probably not. The policy obviously didn’t keep him out.

      • I’m with Karen. Sounds like a Youth Protection policy was clearly being ignored for a long time. These men don’t just decide to sodomize a child on day 1. It is after a long ‘trusting’ relationship they build with a child. ….most children who are sexually abused are done so by a member of their family or close family friend. And Gay DOES NOT EQUAL Pedophile. Most pedophiles live ‘straight’ lives and would fall right through the cracks on any ‘anti-gay’ policy.

      • We are back to playing semantics and word games.
        So, let’s get down the nitty gritty; the bottom line. Now we have the true side of those who are pro homosexuals, LBGT, GLAAD, ACLU and all the others. The bottom line: MORALITY.
        I have posted fact based sites for anyone to check it out at the end here.
        But, the radicals are not interested in facts, this is an AGENDA and they are committed to CHANGE. That is to change America from “One Nation Under God” To “One Nation Under Government” and the only way to do that is to secularize America which is what they have been and are doing constantly; THEY ARE COMMITTED AND THEY ARE RADICALS.

        Have you ever heard of Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals?
        Alinsky codified and wrote a clear set of rules for community organizing. His rules for radicals are now used as key tactics to learn in the training of new community organizers. (Ends Justify any Means) of which President Obama used during his career of a community organizer in Chicago as well as Hillary Clinton.
        “The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength.”
        I encourage all America ns to read it and Rules for Revolution and comments by David Horowitz (Freedom Center).

        Alinsky codified and wrote a clear set of rules for community organizing. His rules for radicals are now used as key tactics to learn in the training of new community organizers. (Ends Justify any Means)
        “The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength.”

        So, here are some of the comments from some of them:

        “Morally straight” and “clean” are outdated and wrong?

        I (like many other Scouters) think that someone can be a homosexual and still be “morally straight” and “clean.” I don’t see homosexuality as immoral and I don’t see how one’s sexual orientation conflicts with the ideals of Scouting”

        “Well, there are also millions of us in the Scouting movement that have invested time and money and want our sons to have a program that teaches and instills the proper values of tolerance, acceptance, and understanding. As such, we feel that excluding someone based on their sexual orientation is wrong and in conflict with the aims of the Scouting program.”
        [That’s interesting in that there are only 909,576 boys ages 11 to 17 in Boy Scouting and Varsity Scouting (BSA 2011 Report to the Nation) 2.7 million total in all scouting e.g. Cub Scouts etc]

        “Sorry, but as the parent of a Scout, I think the BSA’s interpretation of the terms ‘morally straight’” and “clean’ is outdated and wrong. I hope the BSA revises their view and their policy.”

        “It’s not about ‘sex’.”

        THEN WHAT DOES THE WORD “HOMOSEXUAL” MEAN? the dictionary and medical dictionary says it means “SODOMY” and that is unnatural sex between men and men or boys and boys or men and boys and that Lesbeins (female) have sex with other women and girls. Those who have sex either way are Bi-Sexual.
        HOMOSEXUALITY IS A BEHAVIORAL CHOICE; NO ONE IS BORN WITH ANY GENE THAT MAKES THEM THAT WAY. The atheist Richard Dawkins speculates that a “gay gene” causes homosexuality, but science has not discovered such a gene.
        The increasing claims of being “born that way” parallels the rising political activism of homosexual organizations, who politicize the issue of homosexual origins. In the 1970s, approximately ten percent of homosexuals claimed to be “born homosexual” according to a large scale survey.

        Moral Relativism
        You must teach your children to discern “good” from “evil”.
        Research shows that our young people by the age of 13 have formed their moral and spiritual foundations.
        “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”
        Josef Stalin (1879-1953) Communist leader of the USSR”

        Character matters;

        Thesaurus: Ethics Morals Principles Goodness Decency Honesty Integrity Virtue Godliness Uprightness, Rectitude, Morality Righteousness, Honor, Truthfulness, Reliability.

        Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary
        MORAL’ITY, n. The doctrine or system of moral duties, or the duties of men in their social character; ethics.
        The system of morality to be gathered from the writings of ancient sages, falls very short of that delivered in the gospel.
        1. The practice of the moral duties; virtue. We often admire the politeness of men whose morality we question.
        2. The quality of an action which renders it good; the conformity of an act to the divine law, or to the principles of rectitude

        IMMORALITY, n. Any act or practice which contravenes the divine commands or the social duties. Injustice, dishonesty, fraud, slander, profaneness, gaming, intemperance, lewdness, are immoralities. All crimes are immoralities; but crime expresses more than immorality.

        So parents, do you want to take the risk of corrupting your child for the rest of his life by taking the chance of our sons in the same tent with someone that might turn him to homosexuality or worse an adult leader coming into his tent and committing SODOMY.


        Fact Sheet:

        Founding President John Adams said many years ago,
        “Their reason becomes at last an eloquent advocate on the side
        of their passions …
        bring[ing] themselves to believe that black is white, that vice is
        virtue, that folly is wisdom and eternity a moment. …”
        President John Adams

        Existence of different groups within society; the existence of groups with different ethnic, religious, or political backgrounds within one society. Pluralism in itself is not bad, but it has been taken to the extreme which has led to relativistic pluralism. Relativism says there is no truth and all world views, ideologies and faith are all equally true. This is the same thing as “democracy” which is majority, mob, rule and considered to be despotism which is tyranny.


    • He was a divorced man – which would put him on the hetrosexual team. The policy in question regarding gays would have no bearing on this alleged pedophile.

      His wife brought up his behavior in their divorce proceedings according to news reports. She made no allegations of homosexuality.

    • This is pediphelia NOT homosexuality. Saying that just because someone is attracted to the male gender makes then want to molest boys is wrong. If so, it we must exclude women from scouting (unless the only women we are allowing in are lesbians). Pediphiles, often, don’t care about the gender of the victum, just that they are young.
      The BSA is not planning on allowing pediphiles in the organization. Plus follow YPT and this is not an issue

    • Being charged with a crime and being convicted are two different things… Until this man is convicted in the court of law he’s innocent.. I don’t think Mr. Watkins should be persecuted until he has his day in court.. If Mr. Watkins has been practicing two deep leadership then he has nothing to worry about since the BSA policy is that a leader should always be with another leader when being with a youth… If your an adult leader you have to be careful about not being with a youth alone.. I think this is all a pity as when I grew up in scouting I only remember scoutmasters as being the best men I’d ever met in my life.. I still believe in the character of scoutmasters and thank them for their dedicated service.. It takes a lot of time and commitment to be a good scoutmaster..

  14. This is truly a sad day for a once proud organization that used to stand against the storm. There was a time when doing right was more important than money or media perception. The Executive Board has treated their CO’s and members with complete disdain and contempt. There was no dialog with the “Scouting Family” only with the choice few who will fall in lockstep and not make waves. Councils were completely blindsided. So the original questions still linger in oblivion. Who rewrites the Scout Oath and Scout Law to apply equally across the board should the policy change? How doe a potential policy unite Scouting instead of dividing it into, have/have not, inclusive/exclusive, etc. ? A change in policy would invalidate the protections afforded under the 2000 SCOTUS ruling so what legal protections will National provide CO’s, Councils, Districts, and Scouters from the flurry of lawsuits that will be filed? Who are these 1400 board members we are supposed to interacting with? Will a direct survey of active registered adult scouters take place?

    • Andrew, National will provide the same legal protections against law suits they do now no matter the ruling. There have always been lawsuits brought against Scouting for lots of reasons other than this issue.
      There is wording in the charter agreements with National regarding their protection of units against law suits.
      So what protection that is already there will still be there no matter what.

      • Legal experts disagree on this and that is why it is an issue now. There will be lawsuits filed and it will be incumbent on the CO’s to expend precious resources to defend themselves. Legal experts disagree on Nationals obligations. Many believe that National will have no obligation to defend the CO’s. Many do not have those resources to spend.

        • Yep I just read it. They are talking worst case scenerios for sure. We can’t know what is going to happen but I do know that for years the BSA has been under attack for one reason or another. Now the COs that decide ON THEIR OWN to uphold their membership restrictions could possibly face law suits but again I stand by the theory that these guidelines that they decide to uphold are ones that they already have in place and if they are not getting sued now what is going to change?

        • Respectfully I disagree. Having personal experience with the legal brigade of the LGBT Community there will be lawsuits filed. Guilt or innocence does not matter. Every victory no matter how small becomes a legal precedent for the next legal battle. I have witnessed the damage caused by good people who have done nothing wrong only to spend thousands and thousands of dollars protecting themselves and their legal in a court of law because some lawyer thought there was a chance of success no matter how small. Yes most will prevail but at what cost? This is how those outside of Scouting seek to effect change. Most people do not have the resources to fight and most will not because they cannot risk it. Essentially they will walk away because well meaning people beat them into total submission. Ultimately the BSA and its membership is being bullied in a very real and very legal way. Good people will be destroyed by those that may mean well but failed in their duty to make choices that may be heartbreaking but right. The BSA is not for everyone and sometimes as adults we have to stand up and say no. Not every boy can be a member and not every adult can be a leader. You say the letter is worst case but because of personal experience I believe it is best case. Sadly this is the society we live in.

        • A good scout truly follows the motto of “Be Prepared” and that means considering the worst case scenario with regard to a situation under consideration requiring a decision.. its a good motto.. i try to live it daily.
          timeless truth

    • If a Catholic church wanted to exclude an individual from membership in their church they can do so. No one is suing the Catholic church because they’re being excluded from a congregation because they’re gay; nor do we hear about lawsuits brought against the church because they excommunicated someone. They can legally discriminate and they can back it up with the religious convictions of their organization

      So if a Catholic-sponsored Boy Scout troop decides to exclude someone because they are gay, they can back it up with the religious convictions of the organization (the Catholic Church) and there is no law suit to be had.

      Rather than using the BSA’s moral objection to homosexuality (the one that was established in the 2000 SCOTUS ruling but could be overturned in by the vote in May) to defend yourself, you would use the Catholic Church’s moral objection to homosexuality. No debate, you’re a private organization, you can discriminate how you please.

      Now if you are chartered by a public school or a public library and you want to discrimination against homosexuals, well, then you may be in for legal trouble.

      • Please do not misunderstand me. I could care less about gay straight black white tall short male or female. There are serious questions that have not been answered. Everyone just wants to pretend life will go on as usual and there will be no consequences from National’s actions today or in May. That is simply naive and quite frankly ignorant. The larger issue is an organization’s ability to define membership criteria and apply policies and procedures equally across the board. I find it morally reprehensible and patently dishonest to join a volunteer organization that I do not meet the requirement for and then demand that requirement be changed just to accommodate me while kicking long time members to the curb. I would never join the NAACP and then demand they create a white award for me at their awards show. I would never join the Congressional Black Caucus and then demand they let other white legislators in. This is no different.

        • I joined a volunteer organization that I do meet the requirement for and I am demanding that requirement be changed so other moral human beings can benefit from the great things Scouting provides. I don’t want to kick any members (long-time or new) to the curb… I want the BSA to become an open and accepting organization where we all can be members together.

      • The Roman Catholic Church does not consider same sex attraction – homosexuality – a sin. The grievous sin is homosexual acts. Thus celibate gay or chaste lesbian ok. I’m paraphrasing… for the fine print see the Vatican’s on-line Catechism and US Conference of Catholic Bishops website for exact wording.
        I bring this up as an example because I propose the BSA should at least separate policy on homosexual youth and from adult policy. I assume and hope more of us would be accepting of BSA youth struggling with same sex attraction.

        • I don’t think the BSA is saying that someone who has homosexual desires is being excluded from membership; how would anyone know? If you openly present yourself as a homosexual then you no longer meet the membership requirement of the BSA with regard to this issue.. I don’t see why there would be a need for a separate policy for youth and adult leaders? If you don’t feel in the truth of your heart that you are honest in standing up and reciting the Scout Oath then you should probably not join the BSA; why would you? It would like being a liar to yourself… I would imagine Godly people that struggle with the sinfulness of homosexuality also know in their hearts if they can stand and recite the Scout Oath with a true sense of honor.. If you can’t then you should probably resign because that’s simply one of the requirements of being in the BSA.. Everyone doesn’t have to be a member of the BSA; its ok if you join another organization that doesn’t have the same standards for membership..

  15. Let’s face it, sexuality is not a “core value” of Scouting. In fact sex and sexuality isn’t even a topic in Scouting.

    You (and your faith) may say it’s wrong… I (and my faith) may say it’s ok… why can’t we both be Scouts?

    You might think eating bacon is ok… a Jewish Scout might find that morally wrong and not “clean” or “obedient” to his God… a Muslim Scout may also say eating bacon is against his duty to God (as the Quran forbids it)… a vegetarian Scout may feel eating that meat is unhealthy and against his duty to keep himself “physically strong”… a vegan Scout may believe it is inhumane and not “friendly,” “courteous,” or “kind” to kill a pig for meat. Yet we don’t debate bacon. we let all in Scouting regardless of their diets and beliefs.

    A Scout is reverent, “he respects the beliefs of others.” Let’s end this discrimination against homosexuals and let them enjoy the benefits of Scouting too!

    • Paul O,
      While I would like this to be a non issue as well, what do you suggest as the compromise? The outside groups backing this bid identify themselves by their sexuality. I don’t bring up my sexuality when I introduce myself, however these groups and many former scouts that are gay do.

      • They aren’t asking to come in and broadcast their sex lives with the Scouts. I don’t talk about my sexuality with Scouts… nor would a gay leader. A gay leader bringing his husband/partner to a Court of Honor isn’t bringing up his sexuality any more than if I were to bring my wife to a Court of Honor.

        • Aggressive Militant Homosexuals have an agenda of trying to normalize their sexual behavior in the eyes of men.. That’s why their trying to take over the BSA and have taken over certain mainstream Christian denominations like the Lutherans, Presbyterian (USA), and Episcopalians.. That’s why they attack the covenant of marriage thinking they can change God’s will on what a marriage covenant with Him can be; don’t see that happening… God has already revealed to us through His Word that He sees homosexual behavior as an abomination to His creation… If your a Christian and have been baptized in the Holy Spirit then His creation is also the temple of the Holy Spirit… Why should the scouts answer the call of a group that includes less than 1% of our population just to appease the media who is trying to dictate our culture.. It’s ok if homosexuals aren’t accepted into the BSA.. They don’t have to join our organization.. I don’t think I’ve ever joined an organization where I wasn’t going to be accepted; why would I… If those are their membership guidelines then that’s their freedom to choose; I respect their right freely choose how to run their organization for their own purpose and reasons… I’ll be tolerant and respectful of their rights given to them under the US Constitution and upheld by any Supreme Court decision that has been made supporting their rights to freely choose how they want to operate…

        • According to your reasoning, if I were black and I joined the KKK, I should expect the KKK to change it’s policies to accommodate my agenda? Makes perfect sense to me. I think everyone should join a private organization that is diametrically opposed to their views and expect, no demand that the policies of said organization should be changed. With this kind of thinking no wonder America is in its twilight.

        • Your one person Marcus.. one opinion.. but then there will be the homosexual leader who brings his homosexual lover to parents night ir maybe their lover will be at camp as an assistant.. should the manual be changed to say no homosexual lovers should be together at camps etc..? got to think of worst case scenarios as if homosexuals and other groups haven’t caused scouting enough problems.. your talking about best case scenarios.. what about the militant homosexual who shows public displays of affection to their lover in front if scouts?? these are the truths homosexuals are trying to force on our organization.. isn’t ok that we don’t want to have any of it.. for what??

      • Brad, I think when a former Scout who is gay wants to provide input on this issue, mentioning that he is gay puts his other thoughts in context for us. He can speak to the issue from a point of view that the rest of us can’t. His voice, his perspective, is part of what we should be listening to as we consider the pros and cons of changing the policy. While this may be “identifying himself by his sexuality”, I think it makes sense in the context of this issue. It certainly doesn’t mean that he’d be discussing it in scouting scenarios such as troop meetings, summer camp, etc.

        As an example, here is one scout’s perspective.

      • MORALLY STRAIGHT, come on leaders, stand up to this, tearing down the Boy Scouts of America, if we let immoral behavior into Scouts, we might as well throw out the Oath, Law, and the motto, as well.

    • I think homosexuals should respect the beliefs of others and allow the scouts to run their organization as they see fit in fulfilling the mission they’ve chosen to fulfill.. If you don’t like scouting the way it is then why would you be interested in scouting at all.. I suggest you start your own organization that is built on the standards you want to build into your own organization… Your free to choose to do that and the BSA is free to choose to do what they choose to do.. You don’t have to choose to be a member of the BSA and the BSA doesn’t have to allow everyone into their organization… The BSA is free to set the membership standards they choose to set excluding people that simply don’t reflect the moral character they stand for.. It’s ok that they choose freely to do this and if you don’t qualify you should be tolerant of their decisions and end your ridiculous attacks against policies..

  16. Let’s see the Summit was provided because the government withdrew it’s support for the National Jamboree site because of the BSA stand. So now if the BSA reverses it’s position I wonder how the contributors to the Summit feel. Gee I would feel it was theft by deception. The majority of the BSA contributors are probably scratching their heads now.

      • Actually case law says otherwise. If a donor gives to a nonprofit with limitations, specifications, etc and the nonprofit does something else they can get it back.

        Remember Garth Brooks and the hospital? He got his money back
        ($500,000 donation + $500,000 punitive)

  17. A very sad day. The executive board is neither brave nor reverent. Just as there are religious people who are against any change, there are religious people in favor of inclusiveness. I thought the BSA was open to all religious beliefs, but apparently not. There are many churches, packs and troops who want their program to be open to everyone and wish that they had that option.

    • The churches, packs and troops that truly want to do that can choose to leave the BSA and start their own youth program promoting homosexuals as their leaders.. Maybe that would be best; if you started your own organization.. I wonder how well you would attract members? Maybe you’ll find much success.. Why would you think the BSA is open to all religious beliefs? Did they lead you to believe this or did you simply not take the time to understand their membership requirements.. They haven’t changed from what they were; maybe you just changed your mind about being a member.. You don’t have to renew your membership now that you’ve come to understand that scouting really does have an oath that calls for boys to life a morally straight life and have a belief in God.. you are free to walk away and I’d encourage you to walk away if you find the BSA to not be the right organization for you…

  18. Morally straight means no sexual activity either homosexual or heterosexual. Adult sexual orientation is irrelevant as long as there is no pedophilia!

    • I would gladly drop kick a gay or straight leader from my troop if they started telling the kids of their sexual exploits. If it is a scout, I’d counsel them first but with a warning that this is not an appropriate topic of conversation. There is no place in the BSA program for this activity, there is too much other, just as much fun, stuff to do.

    • its not irrelevant.. The scouts are going on overnight campouts with leaders.. As a parent this would be very relevant to me.. You’ll never convince me after seeing what aggressive militant homosexuals have been doing that they don’t have an agenda to carry their agenda of trying to normalize their sinful behavior into the BSA trying to teach boys that homosexuality is ok and normal behavior and should be tolerated by everyone.. Their is a true agenda and maybe the people attacking the BSA should be more honest of what their true plans are for the BSA..

  19. What the Executive Board has in effect said that this is is obviously a contentious issue and that if it is to be implemented successfully, wider local buy-in needs to be assured first.

    To be frank, some of the postings from both the left and right I’ve seen in various media over the past week show an appalling lack of the knowledge of BSA organization, history, the Youth Protection Plan, the non-sectarian nature of “Duty to God”, the apolitical obligations of registered Scouters, and the role of chartering organizations in BSA.

    So this and the rest of the internet isn’t the forum to debate it. I would suggest that if your interest really is in furthering Scouting and not in just promoting some outside political agenda, join a civilized, respectful discussion within your local district or council to provide your input as to how their representatives should then vote on it at the broader National Meeting in May.

    I’m certain there will be discussions about it at every District Roundtable across the country over the next few months. So if it’s really important to you, participate there, not here.

    • This is the perfect format to debate this issue and every voting member should read all these posts but still vote their true hearts desire when it comes time to actually cast a vote.. Why wouldn’t this be the perfect modern day forum.. Mass media takes the opportunity to try to dictate our culture every day.. It takes a discerning eye to see truth from lies.. If it wasn’t for the mass media this would be a non-issue as the number of homosexuals truly desiring to change scouting would be such a silent minority nobody would ever pay them any attention.. I’m not sure why their getting the attention their getting now; their still a tiny tiny minority and have no true basis from which to try to dictate our culture or any policies of the BSA.. In a democracy the minority really doesn’t rule the majority.. The majority just needs to remember their strength is in their numbers…

  20. This delay is unnecessary and disappointing. The right thing, to service all the boys who come to Boy Scouts regardless of their sexuality and to accept the help of honest, good, upright volunteers regardless of their sexuality, is clear. This policy, which is not based on the Scout Law or the Scout Oath, but which reflects the hidebound approach of “leaders” who fear to lead, should be eliminated immediately. It runs counter to the Boy Scouts role in American life.

  21. “To do my duty to God and my country” I believe God’s decision on the issue of homosexuality is quite clear. So this LBGT agenda on the BSA is not about tolerance or acceptance to homosexuality, it’s not about money, it’s about taking one small step at a time to eventually get to their ultimate goal of removing “God” from the BSA.

    • “To do my duty to God and my country” I believe God’s decision on the issue of homosexuality is also quite clear. This anti-gay agenda of the BSA is about intolerance and hate towards others, it’s not about “timeless values,” it’s about taking one small step at time to eventually get their ultimate goal of removing compassion and respect from the BSA. God loves homosexuals (or at least my God, who is a Christian God, does).

      • Yes, God loves the sinner, not the sin. And yes God’s decision on homosexuality is quite clear. At least in my Bible, it still lists it as a sin.

        • Well that’s the great thing about the diversity of America’s melting pot… you’ve got lots of different people, and you’ve got lots of different Gods and you’ve got lots of Bibles. Who said your God and your Bible is the one the BSA should force on all of us? To my God, being gay is not a sin.

        • Marucs,
          We are on the opposite side on this one, but tell me what you think would be a solution? I know you want to allow gays in. But some of those pushing for the change want more than that. They seem to want to not only be included but also identified by their sexuality. That would not be tolerant of my beliefs.

        • Brad, where does it say they want to be identified by their sexuality? What am I missing? Anyone, gay or straight who brings sex into the Boy Scout program should be asked to leave. Does anyone truly believe that if the BSA votes to rescind this policy that we will suddenly be talking about sex (or having it) in meetings or on campouts?

          Time for a reality check here.

          And might there be some folks who once they join see this as a chance to spout their beliefs? Yes (shoot folks do that now on a number of issues). But should they be asked to leave? You betcha. And there will be sufficient grounds to ask them to leave that have nothing to do with their sexual orientation……….

        • Connie,
          Yes some of these groups are identified by their sexuality. There is a strong possiblity we may be talking about sex a lot if we model this after other countries scouting programs. Have you looked as some of the leadership materials for scouts in other countries? The UK even has a leader’s guide for what to say when a boy comes out to you as gay at at scouting event. They say it is an honor to have this boy tell you about his sexuality. Without clear guidelines, this issue will be come up.

        • Well Brad,
          It seems that guidance will be what is needed if the ban is lifted. I have confidence that since we don’t allow sex to be one of the components in our program now, we won’t be changing that any time now.
          If a scout came to me now and shared some personal news of a sexual nature I would have to be guided by what he told me and take it from there.

        • It’s not about sexuality. And as usual some folks make a knee jerk reaction on what I was saying. We do allow male and female leader. So the BSA doesn’t discriminate on sexuality. Unless you’re saying we should also allow girls to be boy scouts? It’s all about identity politics. I agree if they change the policy to put in wording not to discriminate on sexual behavior (hetero, or homosexuality). I agree, people are not going to start openly flaunt their sexual orientation, if the policy is changed. The BSA doesn’t accept any sexual behavior regardless of orientation, the BSA is not the proper place for that activity. So if everyone agrees if sex isn’t suppose to be brought up in the BSA or asked? Then why are we having this conversation? It’s all about the BSA being tolerant regarding sexual orientation. Hypothetically, let’s say the BSA does change their policy this problem is going to go away? You’re so naive, like I mentioned in my original comment, its not about that. God does love everyone, I don’t hate homosexuals. Its all about my GOD thinks homosexuality is a sin, and my GOD thinks homosexuality is not a sin. So how do we resolve that problem. Well the next step is to remove “God” problem solved.

      • But God does say that homosexual behavior is sinful and an abomination against His creation.. At least that’s what the Word of God says in my copy of His Word.. And God offers forgiveness to sinful behavior through the blood of His son Jesus.. Truths don’t change just because you forget what His Word says.. God love’s sinners but he hates their sinfulness; keeps them from being closer to Him… just truths; I didn’t write His word; He did… can’t change it… mold your life to it; His Will…

  22. For those wondering what Baden Powell would say or how he would feel I would encourage you to read his books. I would also encourage you to read the accounts of the first Boy Scout Troops and how selective they were. You will get a clear understanding of what Powell believed the Scout Oath and Law were for and how they work.

      • From “Scouting for Boys”, first edition, Baden Powell said, “every Scout should have religion”:
        “Religion seems a very simple thing: First: Love and Serve God. Second: Love and Serve your neighbor.” That’s it. Period. No endorsement of a particular creed or faith. Remember, England had torn itself apart for centuries pitting catholic against protestant. Baden Powell wanted a world movement of “peace scouts” (direct quote) bonded in brotherhood and a generalized love of god rooted in good deeds. As for morality, BP’s chapter on “continence” is the closest he comes. Paraphrased: “don’t masturbate.”
        By the way, there are more muslim scouts worldwide than any other faith, and in the US the religious emblem “duty to god” program recognizes 34 organized faiths, from African Methodist to Zoroastrianism. Many of these, including United Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, and others have adopted inclusive policies. These faith communities are leading our scouts and their families as moral guides and sometimes as chartering organizations. National should embrace the true diversity of “a scout is Reverent” and accept that even christian sects disagree on this question AND that it’s none of our business to tell a scout how to Love and Serve God. Let the charter orgs set the policy and then let the scouts and their families vote with their membership.

        • The United Methodist Church does not accept sexually active homosexuals as ordained minsters in their churches… The Lutheran’s, Presbyterian (USA) (not American), and Episcopal church do… you should be more clear on what you mean by “inclusive policies”.. seems your trying to create a larger group than their actually is to support your argument… this is misleading..

      • Please understand I am not being difficult or obtuse. I asked the same question to a college Professor once regarding a similar subject. Here was his answer, If you want to know what he thought and why he thought the way he did you will do the work yourself. Besides why should you take my word over your own experience. You may disagree with me on my conclusion and offer your own.

    • The God that believes homosexuality is a sin. That is the GOD the LBGT want’s removed. Because the next activist group that is going to accuse the BSA of discrimination is the atheist groups. And they will want “God” to taken out of the Boy Scout Oath.

  23. Hey, BSA… you can’t keep calling them “timeless values” when they’re already out of date. Stop the discrimination! End the hate!

    • This issue has nothing to do with hate or discrimination Den Mother Maggie. It does have to do with a private youth organizations right to determine and live by their aims, methods and ideals, whatever those ideals might may be. That is their right as a PRIVATE youth organization.

      If others don’t agree with or support the BSA’s policies and ideals, then those individuals have the right to quit and disassociate themselves from the private youth organization.

      I find it disingenuous that the gay, lesbian, transgendered, and bisexual activists and those who support them spend their time, and money to tear away at the founding ideals of a positive private youth organization like the BSA, but do NOTHING to build and establish a private youth organization for those gays, lesbians, transgendered, and bisexuals who desire to be a member of such a gay, lesbian, transgendered, and bisexual private youth organization.

      Don’t you think establishing such an organization would best serve their needs, rather than trying to destroy and take away the right that the BSA has, as a private youth organization.

      This is NOT about discrimination, hate, sexual orientation, or inclusiveness. It is about a basic right that any private organization holds in this free country.

  24. I pray that the executive councill will leave the membership policy the way it has been for 103 years. I change it and leave it up to the sponcer to dice will open them up to court cases by the hundreds and thus do what they are trying to do, distroy scouting.the other issue is how can a scout say morrilly strat when he knows he may be doing wrong . please excuse the spelling

  25. The Executive Board has a difficult decission to make and it should be allowed to take time. I just want to say, that there is a place for everybody in this world and we have a choice where we want to belong. It is nothing wrong with making a change, the question is whether the change is for a better. The BSA is a special organization and it’s values should be preserved not compromised. This is a home to young boys that are looking up to their leaders for their guidance and role models.’
    I am asking all of the scouting family parents. Can you imagine sending your son to a camp where he might ingage in a sexual activity with other boys, sleeping under the same tent, just because his gay leader is doing it and it is O.K.?
    This not a discrimination issue anymore! This word is overused anyway.
    This is an issue of loosing values that the majority of our population has and this organization preserved for over 100 years. Our youth is bombarded with so much contradicting information that can not process fast enough to know what is wright and what is wrong anymore! Could we give them a brake and keep their organization intact?
    We want to preserve our marriages and our values in our children!
    I hope that the Board will put our youth as a first priority when making a final decision.

    • You’re correct, Margaret, the interest of the boys and girls that we serve are the most important factor in this. The thing is, some of the boys and girls we serve are gay. We should consider their needs as well. Not only do they often need the acceptance they find in the BSA, they may also benefit from the leadership of a perfectly good upstanding citizen who happens to have a natural inclination to be attracted to members of the same sex.

  26. Please publish a list, with contact information, of the National Council Representatives for each council in the USA. These individuals will vote at the national meeting in May on whatever policy is proposed and should expect to hear from the public over the next four months.

    • You can find that by actively participating in person in your council and district. The Council President certainly one. And it isn’t the public whose opinion counts… it’s the ones actively working within Scouting.

  27. When the USGSA proudly proclaimed their tie to Planned Parenthood, many people were very upset over this. So much so, that USGSA retracted their statement and continue to deny their relationship with PP. A few moms were quite upset over this, that they created their own group- American Heritage Girls. The by laws were written according to BSA guidelines and is a wing of BSA. This group is leaps and bounds across the nation because of its Christian ideology.
    2 things bother me about this whole thing. This is agenda driven. It has been agenda driven since the late 1970s. Since when should someone else’s agenda dictate what a private group does or does not do? Think about it. They tried suing the BSA and lost. So, they went the most feasible route- getting rid of their funding. This agenda is only 30 plus years old. It is not the 21st century as many claim it is. I grew up in a very gay neighborhood in the 60s & 70s. My gay neighbors had respect for their heterosexual neighbors and their children. We had them over to our houses for dinners, birthday parties, etc. Everyone knew and respected the boundaries. Today, there are no boundaries. With boundaries blurred or erased, that brings me to my second concern. How will National be able to fund a defense for all these mini-fires that will take place at the local level? I assure you, that as soon as this passes and the bylaws are re-written, every BSA unit and Charter that says it is closed to the LGBT community, will get sued. And the Catholic church right a long with it.
    So, why haven’t they created their own counter group as did the American Heritage Girls? There are the Royal Rangers – another boys group that was started by the Assemblies of God. Why are they not being targeted. They are a closed christian based program? No, it is not about them being “excluded” or “included” it is about destroying a foundation that has been built on large principles.

  28. I’m an old Eagle Scout, served my country over 13 years (so people have freedoms), and currently work with youth groups in sports and just recently enrolled my 12 year old son into Scouting. The reason I wanted my son to become a Scout was to learn the moral and beleafs of the BSA. I have always talked with him concerning being an Eagle, walking the path of Scouting and Eagle, making discussions based on the Scouting principales. Now, the National Council seems to have lost there backbone concerning this issue. I personelly feels that our charter should remain as is! Based on the 103 year history of keeping ourselves “Morally Straight”.
    Ya know, if you stop and look at it, this is the same what happened when “Prayer” was removed from our schools, a “hand full” of people pushed and pushed until they got their way, not what the majority wanted. Making it politically incorrect?? Kinda like whats happening here, huh!

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