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Now, when a friend of your son or daughter—or even a fellow adult—asks, “How can I get involved in Scouting?” your answer just got easier:

While the recruitment Web site isn’t new, the BSA has simplified its searchability, making it a breeze for new Scouts or Venturers to get plugged into their local Scouting community. All that’s needed is a ZIP code and a few clicks of a mouse.

The search bar isn’t the only new addition. A series of “Matrix”-like videos showcase what it means to be a Scout or Venturer. (Hint: lots of high-adventure fun.) If you haven’t seen the videos, check them out here.

The next time someone asks you about Scouting, you can be sure this easy-to-remember answer will make a lasting impression.

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  1. Any idea who to talk to about getting Pack/Troop/Crew info into the Search part of the site. The two local groups I searched for on the site were not on the Search results. Can’t really point people there for scouting info if the site won’t “point back”.

    • Your Unit leader can set that up through, it’s really easy.

  2. This aggravates the beaver meat out of me! Why does the BSA continue to neglect Varsity Teams? I get it. We are a small group but acting like we don’t exist doesn’t help my boys want to be Varsity Scouts. ENOUGH WITH TREATING MY BOYS LIKE RED HEAD STEP CHILDREN!!!

    A Varsity Coach

  3. Thank goodness. It used to take an act of congress to find a website that would list the packs in an area.

  4. Also, is there anyway to make the pack icons not stack on top of each other? If you look our zipcode up, Our pack and another pack is just about across the street from each other so when you search it you only see one. The list will show two but you have to zoom in a lot to see the two icons.

    • if the user Zooms in, the icons will not overlap

  5. your link points back to this blog, instead of to

  6. Jen Fletcher // August 30, 2011 at 9:38 am // Reply

    I’m so glad I found this post. My sons are just starting out and I of course want to be part of their Scouting adventures. This link will help me get started much more quickly. Thanks!

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