What a Weekend: Rhyming edition

With our award-winning writers, photographers, and
illustrations, Scouting magazine has so many ways to tell you about great
Scouting weekends. But what you don’t typically see on our pages, or on our Web
pages, is poetry.

But when Cracker Barrel received an e-mail from Bill Kirk
last week, that’s exactly what we saw. The Scoutmaster from Sacramento, Calif.,
sent us a short poem about a wilderness first-aid class he took last year.

We liked it so much we wanted to share it. So, follow the
jump and check out Bill’s verse.

“What A Day It’s Been”

By Bill Kirk


You’d think it would be easy,

To tell about the day’s

Events and how they happened

In ordinary ways.


But this day wasn’t normal,

Though it was kind of cool.

I learned to care for victims

At Boy Scout First Aid school.


At first I was a victim.

I had a “broken arm”

And “bruises” and a “headache”

As if I’d come to harm.


An “accident” had happened

On my “mountain bike.”

But soon I was “discovered”

By “hikers” on a hike.


They checked out all my “bruises,”

And bandaged all my “scrapes.”

In no time they had splinted

My arm with sticks and tapes.


Soon after I was “stable”

I had another role—

To help a rock-slide victim

Impaled upon a pole.


Of course, he was “unconscious.”

His “skull” had hit a “rock.”

Because we had just minutes,

We worked against the clock.


At first we rolled him over

And “stabilized” his “spine.”

We did a lift and carry;

In no time he was fine.


Several hours later,

The day was finally done.

Although the lessons were intense,

We learned while having fun.


When I got home, exhausted,

My wife said, “How's your day?”

"You won't believe…" then I just couldn’t

Bring myself to say.


Tell us your great story about recent Scouting adventure. E-mail us. It doesn’t even have to rhyme. 

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