Knot of the Week: Boyce


You spent the
weekend celebrating the nation’s founders. Now, we at Cracker Barrel pay our respects
to founders of a different kind.

We’re talking
about volunteers who organize Scouting units. And instead of a fireworks-filled
holiday, the BSA uses the
William D.
Boyce New-Unit Organizer Award
to honor these Scouting pioneers.

The square knot
is presented to Scouters who organize one or more traditional Cub Scouting, Boy
Scouting, or Venturing units. Each color on the knot represents these three
programs. The award debuted in 2005, meaning only volunteers who organized
units after March 1, 2005, are eligible.

Also, the
requirements state that only one volunteer can be recognized as the organizer
of a unit, even though some packs, troops, and crews are a result of a
collaborative effort.

Ready to begin?
this helpful PDF file that gives you step-by-step instructions
on starting a Scouting unit. You’ll also learn to:

  • Find
    a chartered organization
  • Pitch
    Scouting’s values to youth and adults
  • Locate
    resources available to help Scout leaders
  • Overcome
    objections from parents (such as “We already tried Scouting, and it didn’t
    work” or “We can’t afford Scouting”)
  • Select
    quality leaders

Sure, the square
knot will look great on your uniform. But the real reward comes from the
knowledge that you’ve created a Scouting foundation that can last for generations.

Chime In: If you’ve organized a unit recently,
what tips can you give to other Scouters? If your unit has been around for
decades, have you ever met your unit’s organizer?

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