NESA recognizes most recent winners of its Distinguished Service Award

The goal of the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) is to promote Eagle Scouts in particular and Scouting in general. The NESA Distinguished Service Award recognizes those who have given a lifetime of service to help NESA do just that.

The NESA Distinguished Service Award is reserved for those who have provided service over a sustained period of years to NESA, dedicating themselves to the promotion of Eagle Scouting, staying active or returning to Scouting, and promoting and helping young people earning the rank of Eagle Scout.

NESA recognized five DSA award winners earlier this month at Scouting America’s National Annual Meeting.

Who are the 2024 NESA Distinguished Service Award winners?

John “Mac” McKenzie, a volunteer who served both the W. D. Boyce Council and the Three Fires Council, served as Vice President of Program on the National NESA Committee from 1991 to 2008, demonstrating steadfast leadership for almost two decades. His notable contributions include the organization of NESA booths at seven National Jamborees, showcasing his commitment to promoting the principles of Scouting. Additionally, McKenzie holds the prestigious title of Distinguished Eagle Scout.

Edward A. Pease, from the Crossroads of America Council, has been actively engaged at NESA’s national level for more than four decades, with a specific focus on serving Eagle Scouts within the Philmont Scout Association and the BSA Alumni Association. His leadership includes service as Chairman of the National OA Committee, showcasing a dedicated commitment to Scouting. Known for his unwavering assistance in any task, Ed chaired the new NESA selection committee during re-establishment of the Distinguished Service Award in 2020.

Trevor P. Bormann, affiliated with the Golden Gate Area Council, played a pivotal role in the development of the NESA Communication Team at the national level, particularly during the challenging times posed by COVID-19. His leadership and support initiatives improved national NESA communications and outreach. Bormann also actively leads a NESA committee and promotes NESA at various local councils, contributing to the organization’s nationwide presence.

Ross Arnold, a volunteer with the Greater Los Angeles Area Council, first engaged with NESA in 1990 by joining his council’s NESA committee. Since 2010, he has served as director and contributor to NESA Jamboree exhibits, showcasing his commitment to Scouting. Arnold currently leads NESA and Alumni in NST 3, further exemplifying his dedication to the organization.

Steve Silbiger, from the Circle Ten Council, exhibited unwavering commitment to NESA at several Jamborees and National Order of the Arrow Conferences, where he has actively represented and managed NESA exhibits and events since 2010. His impactful efforts have significantly contributed to NESA’s outreach, providing exposure to national audiences while reinforcing the organization’s mission.

What is the NESA Distinguished Service Award?

The purpose of the NESA Distinguished Service Award is to recognize those who have given a lifetime of extraordinary leadership and service nationally to NESA, resulting in a significant impact on a national or territorial level.

The award was created in 1976, and from that point until 1989, NESA recognized 25 honorees. After 1989, the national NESA committee was substantially reorganized, resulting in the suspension of the award until its reintroduction in 2020.

What is NESA?

The National Eagle Scout Association recognizes Eagle Scouts for exceptional service projects, offers opportunities for Eagle Scouts to earn college scholarships, helps Eagle Scouts explore the world and much, much more. Click here to learn more.

How do I nominate someone for the NESA Distinguished Service Award?

Nomination forms must be complete and submitted electronically to the NESA national committee no later than October 31 for recognition the following year. Click here for more information on the nomination process.

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