Get a peaceful night’s sleep without pesky bugs in a SansBug tent

That dreaded noise inside your tent: BUZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

Nothing’s quite as annoying as discovering a mosquito has snuck into your tent and now is committed to flying around your face, swooping in for a perfect place to bite.

These little infuriating bloodsuckers find ways to get at you – through gaps in your canvas wall tent or speeding through when you enter or exit. Simply draping loose netting over your outdoor home doesn’t do the trick. You need something reliable, sealing you off from any pests.

The solution? The SansBug pop-up tent.

SansBug specializes in bug prevention with its line of pop-up tents, each with no-see-um netting, blocking mosquitoes, sandflies and bedbugs. Just don’t leave any snacks inside – they’re not raccoon-proof!

Summer camp slumber

Whether you’re looking to grab a few Z’s during the day at summer camp or wanting to sleep like a baby on a weekend outing, your bug-free sleeping arrangements can be set up in seconds. The SansBug 1-person quickly unfolds from its easy carrying bag, giving you 6 feet in interior length, a little more than 3 feet in width and nearly 3 feet in height. SansBug also offers a two-person version at 7 feet long, 4.75 feet wide and 3.25 feet tall.

The 1-person is perfect for placing on cots, a popular option for a week at summer camp. The overlap over a standard cot is intentional. If the tent was the same size as the cot, your body would touch the netting and you’d risk being bitten. Moreover, there is really no need to secure the SansBug to the cot; when you’re not inside, the weight of your sleeping bag will be sufficient for the net to stay put on the cot.

The simple, elegant design keeps the cost down and makes the product easier to use. Being longer and wider does not impact the ability to use the one-person tent on a cot. For the past 15 years, more than 100,000 Scouts have used the one-person SansBug in platform tents. And adult leaders like them, too.

A first-time user wrote, “None of the Scoutmasters had seen anything like this before and commented that their draped mosquito net worked just fine. By the end of the week, each Scoutmaster asked me to send them the link to where I purchased this item!”

To make the tents even more affordable, units can take $100 off a carton of 10 one-person tents. Use coupon code scouts100 on for the discount.  The promo code is valid for multiple uses and shipping is always free!

Great sleep equals more camping

The SansBug tents also help in Scouting retention. Scouts that go to summer camp are much more likely to stay in Scouting, and enjoyable experiences increase those odds. That includes sleeping. Not only can mosquitoes sneak into canvas wall tents, but so can wolf spiders and daddy-longlegs. Those aren’t the tentmates you want!  SansBug tents provide an instant refuge to alleviate fears and enables you to enjoy camp more.

“Big wolf spiders when we got there,” one first-time Scout leader says. “I never would have made it without my pop-up screen tent.”

For younger Scouts, SansBug offers smaller versions with 5 feet of usable length. You can also shop for a rainfly that fits over the 1-, 2- and 3-person tents, creating a personal, private space that’s easy to assemble. Other versions include all-mesh netting and poly or tarp floors.

Another user writes, “Not wanting to hassle with rigging up a net, and having seen my share of black widows, brown recluses, and even a scorpion at camp, this seemed a good option. It was the right choice. No netting to get tangled in, and this kept out everything with more legs than me.”

The SansBug is not an indulgent piece of gear; it is indispensable if you want a peaceful night’s rest so you can focus on the day’s activities. It has also protected a Duke Global Health Institute senior researcher in the Amazon jungle from bothrops atrox, a highly venomous snake and the species responsible for the most snakebites in the region.

Before going to camp, watch the demo video to learn how to fold your SansBug. Even if you have mastered the folding last summer, it’s not a bad idea to rewatch it.

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