Extreme Makeovers, Round 55: Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos

This is the 55th entry in an occasional series in which we share Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos. See the complete collection here and submit your own here.

To fully understand the impact Eagle Scout projects have on communities, you need to see to believe. That’s why we ask to see Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos — the same photos prospective Eagles are asked to include with their post-project report.

The latest batch of 10 projects — from 7 different states — includes renovating historical canons, updates to a 9/11 memorial and restoring a popular boardwalk.

If your Scout is looking for ideas for his or her Eagle Scout project, you can show him or her this story or any in the Extreme Makeovers collection. You can also find ideas in Scout Life’s Eagle Project Showcase. Still stumped? Try the National Eagle Scout Association’s project idea generator.

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Logan from Alabama

Who: Logan, Troop 7018, Scottsboro, Alabama

What: Logan wanted to conduct a project that would benefit veterans in his community, so he and his volunteers restored the three cannons located on the grounds of VFW Post 6073.

Henry from California

Who: Henry, Troop 636, Rancho Santa Margarita, California

What: Henry and a crew of volunteers refurbished eight park benches at Monte Vista Community Park.

Daniel from Virginia

Who: Daniel, Troop 164, Arlington, Virginia

What: Daniel and his team installed four park benches with concrete footers, three planters and landscape lighting to augment and beautify a 9/11 memorial in his community. Daniel’s project continued the development of another Eagle Scout’s project, Megan Mazel, who installed the Pentagon-shaped border and mulch at the same site in 2021.

Nicholas from New York

Who: Nicholas, Troop 127, Greenwich, New York

What: Nicholas installed a 60-foot trailer flatbed over a creek along a popular snowmobiling trail, allowing not only riders greater access to riders, but also to allow the landowner to get his farming equipment to his back fields.

Landon from Ohio

Who: Landon, Troop 123, Doylestown, Ohio

What: Landon’s project restored the “ice pond” for the Chippewa Rogues Hollow Historical Society in Doylestown. Originally used in the 1800s as a reserve water supply and to provide a source of ice blocks for year-round refrigeration, the project required removing old stumps and brush, grading the ice pond, rebuilding the dirt wall separating the mill race from the ice pond, widening the trails around the rim of the ice pond and adding a viewing platform.

Stephen from North Carolina

Who: Stephen, Troop 651, Elkin, North Carolina

What: Replaced an old and weathered cross at the church cemetery with a new cross, landscaping and sitting area.

Bowen from California

Who: Bowen, Troop 699, Upland, California.
What: Bowen and his team installed a shed along with two heavy duty shelving units to hold and store dog food in the Friends of Upland Animal Shelter. In order to make room for the shed, they had to relocate two heavy duty shelving units that used to store crates.

Cameron from South Carolina

Who: Cameron, Troop 789, Summerville, South Carolina

What: Cameron and his volunteers replaced an old, rotten boardwalk on the perimeter trail at a local park with a longer lasting material. Cameron’s new boardwalk allows for easier drainage of the canal, allowing safe passage for people.

Cole from Ohio

Who: Cole, Troop 15, Cleveland, Ohio

What: Cole’s project was to update the art room of the Boys & Girls Club of Cleveland. He raised the funds, researched and purchased all new furniture and got donations from a local paint store, then coordinated multiple shifts over a two-day weekend to prep and the redo the room.

Ben from California

Who: Ben, Troop 308, San Luis Obispo, California

What: Ben spearheaded the renovation of a 1974 Piper Warrior airplane, mounted it on a trailer and traveled with it to schools, children’s museums and an air show to provide a hands-on activity for kids.

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