Scout BSA Troops embrace winter weather in different ways, plus more good news from the week


A Scouts BSA Troop in Columbia, Missouri, braved subzero temperatures during a campout at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park earlier this week. The troop aimed to earn a prestigious award from their council that recognizes Scouts who camp in below-zero camping conditions.

In spite of the biting cold, the Scouts embraced the experience, layering up to stay warm and finding beauty and exhilaration in the snowy campground, showcasing the adventurous spirit of Scouting.

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Trappers Rendezvous weekend a success

Last weekend, thousands of Scouts from the Midwest participated in the annual Trappers Rendezvous winter camping trip at Harvey County Park in Wichita, Kansas. The excitement among participants remained high in spite of freezing temps. The Scouts participated in various activities, including archery, black powder rifle shooting and a chili cook-off.

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Scout discovers passion through merit badge journey

Orson Colby, a 17-year-old Scout, discovered his passion for luge while working on the Personal Fitness merit badge requirements. Over six years, he became a two-time youth national champion, emphasizing the importance of mental preparation in the sport. Colby plans to compete at the Gangwon 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games, aiming for success and aspiring to follow in the footsteps of fellow American Chris Mazdzer at future Winter Olympics.

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American Red Cross volunteer trains Scouts on emergency shelter setup

Scouts BSA Troop 63 in Monroe, Connecticut, received lessons from an American Red Cross volunteer about sanitation, inventory tracking and the detailed shelter operation process. Scouts participating in the training are working towards their Emergency Preparedness merit badge while gaining valuable experience in community service.

The session aimed to equip volunteers with the skills needed for effective emergency shelter operations and emphasizes the importance of community involvement and preparedness.

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