Eagle Scout thriving with Air Force Special Warfare Airmen, plus other inspiring news from this week

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A profile of an unnamed graduate from the 352nd Special Warfare Training Squadron of the Air Force Special Warfare Airmen says the skills he learned in Scouting have served as a “cornerstone” in his military career.

“The structure and ranks helped me acclimate to the military,” says the Eagle Scout. “That acclimatization has been crucial, especially given that the most challenging part of Special Warfare training is its grueling duration.

“Being a good teammate, grit, and when it comes down to it, we all want to be here working toward a common goal.”

Air Force Special Warfare comprises ground combat forces that specialize in airpower application in hostile, denied and politically sensitive environments. It is part of The Air Education and Training Command, which is one of the nine Major Commands of the United States Air Force.

Read more about this Eagle Scout in this story on the official website of The Air Education and Training Command.

Scouts BSA members recognized for actions as tropical storm approached

Scouts BSA members from Tehachapi, California, were volunteering at a community festival when weather from nearby Tropical Storm Hilary forced the event to end early.

As families made their way toward their vehicles, many of the fair’s vendors struggled to collect their belongings, fighting against strong winds.

Clare Scotti, president of the event sponsor, the Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce, said she was amazed to see members of Tehachapi’s Scouts BSA Troop 3 suddenly spring into action to help move items to safety.

“Each Scout looked for where help was needed, and they efficiently and safely got others on their way. One vendor had hundreds of items fall during the rush, and in less than a minute, several scouts were at the booth helping to pick up and move the items safely to the vehicle.”

The Scouts were honored for their actions at a recent city council meeting. Learn more in this story from the Tehachapi News.

Redwood Empire Council mourns passing of longtime Scout volunteer, former Scout Executive

Del Raby, one of the longest tenured volunteers in the Redwood Empire Council, died last month at the age of 97. His friends and fellow Scouting volunteers  have universally praised his character, work ethic and desire to help others at all times.

Sometimes at Sonoma County gatherings of Rotary Club members or Eagle Scouts, someone will ask who among those present has been active the longest. Until a few weeks ago, whenever that happened an affable, gray-bearded gent named Del Raby was tough to beat.

Raby did not miss a weekly Rotary meeting in nearly 62 years. His phenomenal run as a Scout leader, career Scouting executive and supporter commenced about the time he earned the rank of Eagle Scout in wartime 1943, when he was 17.

“He was the embodiment of an Eagle Scout,” says current Redwood Empire Council Scout Executive Charles Howard-Gibbons. “It was all about doing stuff for other people.”

Learn more about Raby in this article from The Press Democrat in Santa Rosa, California.

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