New Philmont overnight accommodation option makes the property more available than ever

Photo of Philmont's Tooth of Time
Photo by Dominic Baima

Philmont Scout Ranch has been a flagship destination for Scouts ever since it was donated to the BSA back in 1938. Starting this summer, a new way to visit the property will open it up to even more families.

For the first time, Philmont is offering a single-night accommodation option.

Previously, the shortest duration you could visit Philmont was a half week as part of the Family Adventure Camp program, or for certain conferences offered through Philmont Training Center. The new option opens more possibilities for families and individuals who might be traveling the country or visiting the area. Now, you can simply stop over for a night or two — anytime of the year — and learn what all the fuss is about.

Additionally, individuals or families can take self-guided hikes to Lovers Leap camp and the site of the Tyrannosaurus rex footprint. They can also add meals and tour the facilities, such as the National Scouting Museum and Tooth of Time Traders.

Click here to reserve short-term overnight accommodations at Philmont.

About Philmont Scout Ranch

In 1922, Tulsa oilman Waite Phillips purchased what is now Philmont Scout Ranch. He donated Philmont to the Boy Scouts of America in 1938 and designated his summer home to be used as a training center.

The first Scouts attended what was then called Philturn Rocky Mountain Scout Camp during the summer of 1939.

It is now the BSA’s largest National High Adventure Base and has hosted more than 1 million Scouts, Venturers and families since its inception.

The first Philmont Training Center office was built in 1943 and was used to house conference participants. The BSA expanded the facilities in the 1950s by building the dining hall, tent cities and classrooms, allowing conference participants to share the experience with their families.

More than 22,000 Scouts and Leaders are expected to go on 12-day backpacking treks this summer.

Family Adventure Camp offers endless opportunities to learn, explore and experience the site for campers of every age.

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