Two Scout units celebrate 100th birthdays, plus other good news from this week

100-year veteran unit bar

Remarkably, the Boy Scouts of America is now 113 years old. That means there are some Scout units out there that have been at it for a really long time. We never get tired of hearing about a Scout unit that has been operating continuously for more than 100 years.

Troop 33 of Walden, N.Y., has not only been in operation for 100 years, it’s been chartered to the same organization for that entire time. Indeed, Troop 33 and Walden’s First Reformed Church seem to be the perfect match.

Some of the Eagle projects Troop 33 has done are a new sign and planter for the Walden Volunteer Ambulance Corps, a resurfaced parking lot and new planted shrubbery at the Holy Name of Mary Church in Montgomery, a brand new outdoor classroom and nature trail at Berea Elementary School, a refurbished interior of food storage areas for the Montgomery Food Pantry and more.

Read more about the troop’s history in this story from The Hudson Valley Times.

In the meantime, Troop 3 out of Sharon, Pa., has been serving its community for 100 years as well.

They recently recognized the achievement in a ceremony held outside their chartering organization.

To honor the moment, the troop buried a time capsule right outside of the church, and it’s meant to be opened in 50 years. It’s full of things like badges and letters written by the Scouts and Scoutmaster Jill Blance.

Read more in this story from WYTV33 in Youngstown, Ohio.

Pennsylvania Cub Scout pack comes up with inventive service project idea

A member of Cub Scout Pack 777 in Tamaqua, Pa., once found a rock that stood out from the other rocks that surrounded it. Looking closely, he saw that somebody had painted it to look like a ladybug.

That sparked a service project idea for the entire pack: painting rocks, then scattering them out in various places throughout their community for people to find.

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Scouts camp out on front lawn of TV station

Looking to raise awareness of your Scouting activities and good deeds? You’d be hard-pressed to find a better way than camping on the property of your local TV station.

More than two dozen Scouts from the Mountain West Council visited the Twin Falls for a recruitment event and to educate the public on the skills youth can pick up by becoming a Scout.

The troops performed a variety of activities from building a balancing bridge and setting up tents, to rope tying.

Read more about this unique recruiting event at KMVT’s website.

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