Counting down the 3 things we’re most thankful for: No. 1

Photo by Michael Roytek

“A Scout is thankful” — not officially part of the Scout Law, but certainly worth making it part of our lives this week. So much so that I’ll be publishing three consecutive posts leading up to Thanksgiving about the three things we at On Scouting are most thankful for.

On Monday, we told you how thankful we are for our Scouting volunteers across all the Scout programs.

On Tuesday, we paid tribute to our Scout parents.

Today, we’re moving on to No. 1 …

All of our Scouts!

Whether you’re a Cub Scout, Scouts BSA member, Sea Scout, Venturer or Explorer, we say thank you!

If you stuck with the program through the coronavirus pandemic, we say thank you. If you’re one of our many new members who have joined since, we say thank you.

If you joined to get outdoors and go camping, hiking, sailing, backpacking or whitewater rafting, we say thank you. If you joined to learn more of the skills you’ll need in life, or if you joined to learn more about a particular career, we say thank you.

Whether you’re a Lion or Webelos, whether you’re a Tenderfoot or Eagle Scout, whether you’ve earned the Discovery rank or the Summit rank, or whether you’ve earned the rank of Apprentice or Quartermaster, we say thank you.

Photo by Michael Roytek

It’s all about our youth members

Everything we boring adult BSA employees do is for our youth members.

And everything our much-less-boring adult volunteers do? Also for our youth members.

Whether it’s a high-adventure trip, Pinewood Derby or on-the-job experience with a local business, every Scouting adventure helps our youth learn a little more about themselves. Every BSA program is designed to build the foundations for humility and compassion, and to strengthen character through actions, to prepare youth for a lifetime of leadership.

And what makes it even better is that Scouting is something the whole family can experience together. We designed our program so that anyone —brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers —can have fun and make an impact.

If you’re already a member of the BSA, we say thank you, and happy Thanksgiving!

If you’re thinking about signing up, click here to find a BSA unit near you.

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