Connect to Scouts around the world during Jamboree-on-the-Air, Jamboree-on-the-Internet

The National and World Scout Jamborees will offer chances for Scouts to unite in the spirit of Scouting and have tons of fun next year. You can find registration information for the national event here; youth registration has closed for the World Scout Jamboree.

But before then, Scouts can participate in two other large Scouting events: the Jamboree-on-the-Air and Jamboree-on-the-Internet. This year’s digital and amateur radio events are slated for Oct. 14-16. That’s when more than 2 million Scouts from more than 170 countries will connect with other Scouts, locally, nationally or globally by logging online or turning on a ham radio. You can register here.

For the Jamboree-on-the-Internet, all you need is an Internet-enabled device, like a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. If you have a ham radio, you should be good for the Jamboree-on-the-Air, too. However, many Scouts opt to visit a local amateur radio operator’s ham shack or a ham shack at a council camp.

Show your talent

One of the highlights of the Jamboree-on-the-Air/Jamboree-on-the-Internet is the live show. You might be featured during it on the Youth Got Talent Stage.

Your Scout can showcase his or her talent by submitting a video by Sept. 30. It can be playing music, cooking his or her favorite recipe, dancing or demonstrating a skill. Find all the guidelines here.

Circle back to this World Organization of the Scout Movement page for more details on the official program.

The Jamboree-on-the-Internet and Jamboree-on-the-Air not only provide opportunities to try fun activities and talk with Scouts from around the country and world, but participation can fulfill requirements for Cub Scout adventures, the Citizenship in the World merit badge and the International Spirit Award.

To help your Scouts fully enjoy the events, see these leader guides for the Jamboree-on-the-Internet and Jamboree-on-the-Air.

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