Blast off for battleship-building fun with the Snap Ships fleet

It’s 2499, and humanity is locked in an epic battle for survival against an alien race. They have a secret weapon that your youth can construct to save the day: Snap Ships.

Scott Pease and Jeff Swenty created the toy-building system after years of designing video games. One popular aspect of today’s video games is customization. After partnering with manufacturer PlayMonster, the duo brought that concept to their toys with interchangeable pieces that allow for the builder to use their creativity and imagination to make super spaceships.

If you tuned into the BSA’s second installment of Family Fun Fest last September, you might’ve seen a Snap Ships building demonstration (you can re-watch it starting at the 44-minute mark).

One of the fun features of these toys is their durability. Once they’re built, you don’t need to carefully display them on a shelf — they’re battle-ready. Kids can free-play with them or follow the Snap Ships storyline via an action-packed, eight-episode video series.

The fleet

Snap Ships Sabre XF-23 Interceptor

The Snap Ships fleet includes 11 ships; you can make two or three different ships from each kit — a total of 26 builds. Plus, you can combine pieces from different kits in “fusion builds,” expanding the possibilities for one-of-a-kind spaceships. This is possible thanks to Snap Ships’ unique design that allows pieces to snap into place from multiple angles.

If you want building tips and tricks, check out the company’s videos or download the app at the Apple Store or via Google Play. These digital instructions can help you in creating any ship, either in humanity’s The Forge fleet or the alien The Komplex fleet. If you want printable PDF instructions, they’re also available online. The app also provides an augmented reality function, so you can digitally see your ship come together in front of you.

A fun piece included in each kit is the mysterious UJU tech piece that can soup-up the ship with special powers.

The toys, designed primarily for kids ages 8 and up, are at a great price, too, at $9.99 to $39.99 depending on the kit.

PlayMonster’s Snap Ships is a finalist for the Toy Association’s Toy of the Year Awards, specifically the Sabre XF-23 Interceptor. You can vote for the Sabre XF-23 Interceptor as the Construction Toy of the Year here.

Online giveaway

Your Scout could win one of these cool Snap Ships during the five-week holiday giveaway. The contest begins Nov. 2 and ends Dec. 4 at 11:59 a.m. CST. One winner will be randomly selected at the end of each week to win a designated ship from the Snap Ships fleet. Increase your chances of winning by entering every 24 hours.

A surprise grand prize winner will be announced on the contest’s fifth week during a special #TrekAt2 Facebook Live, which will also feature an amazing guest and extra prizes.

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  1. Very cool indeed. If I was 10 or 12, I might envision myself piloting such a craft. I had a “build a plane” kit way back when, provided choices of fuselage, wings, etc. to make F86. F89 variants…. BUT…..
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    • This and a few others here and there are Sponsored Posts. I think you can tell by a designation on the top of the article, and also when I see the listing of all the posts from the menu page (or whatever it’s called if that isn’t the right word) those generally have a blue background. Many of those are for possible fundraising items for units, but we see ones like this from time-to-time that appear to be based more on things that would interest the youth that adults would generally be purchasing for them.

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