Scouts BSA Handbook for Boys, Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls now available on Kindle

Testing the Scouts BSA Handbook on my Kindle e-reader.
Testing the Scouts BSA Handbook on my Kindle e-reader. (It works great!)

Carry hundreds of pages of Scouting knowledge right in your pocket.

The Scouts BSA Handbook for Boys and Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls are now available on Kindle, making it easier than ever for you or your Scouts to find essential information in a few simple taps.

The Kindle versions for boys and for girls are available for $17.99 apiece. These digital books contain the same great information found in the spiral-bound print counterparts. (The print versions for boys and girls remain on sale for $17.99 at, which is still open for business and processing orders even during the coronavirus.)

Though you purchase the Kindle versions through, you don’t need an actual Kindle device to read them. You can access your entire Kindle library through the Kindle app for iOS or Android.

So what’s better about the Kindle version? And why might you prefer the print edition? Find those answers below.

But first, while we’re on the subject of, here’s how to be sure your Amazon purchases support local Scouting — at no extra cost to you.

What’s better about the Kindle version of the Scouts BSA Handbook?

  • It takes up less room in your backpack than the print version.
  • It can be accessed on any device you own — the smartphone that’s always in your pocket, your laptop at work, your tablet at home, etc.
  • It’s searchable, meaning you can quickly jump to the content you need.

What’s better about the print version of the Scouts BSA Handbook?

  • It can be passed from an older Scout to their younger sibling.
  • It can be marked up, highlighted and dog-eared. (Yes, the Kindle version can be annotated, but I find it easier to take notes on an actual page.)
  • It’s screen-free.

Conclusion: Both are great!

Which Handbook version better suits your Scout’s needs? That’s the one to get.

Scouts BSA Handbook covers for boys and girls

Why are there boy and girl versions of the Scouts BSA Handbook?

The BSA’s volunteer-led board of directors wanted to ensure Scouts can see themselves represented accurately in the pages, and having two handbooks was the most effective way to do that.

The photos reflect the troop of which the Scout is a member. In other words, boys see images of other boys in the Scouts BSA Handbook for Boys; girls see images of other girls in the Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls.

Is the content the same between the two?

Yes, the content, requirements and page numbers are exactly the same. All that’s different is the photos and pronouns.

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