If you went to Philmont after 1965, your photo is in the Philmont Photo Archive

Want to take a step back in time?

The Philmont Photo Archive includes more than 240,000 photos of expeditions, individual treks and Philmont Training Center courses from 1966 to today.

If you served on staff at Philmont or attended for an expedition in the last 50-plus years, your photo should be there.

Philmont staffers have made quick work of scanning hundreds of thousands of photos and photo negatives into the archive. The archive is organized by year and trek departure date.

It’s a fascinating look back into the history of the BSA’s hiking paradise in New Mexico.

How much does it cost?

Viewing watermarked photos in the Philmont Photo Archive is free.

Buying an 8-by-10-inch print costs you $10 for the first one and $7 for additional copies of the same photo.

Prefer it digitally? The 2,400-by-3,000-pixel image is available for $15.

What about previous years?

Philmont began saving photo negatives in 1965. If you attended before 1965, you’ll need to scour your personal archives for Philmont photos.

What about future years?

Each summer’s crew photos will be added by Sept. 1 of that year. Each participant departs Philmont with a printed 8-by-10 crew photo from their expedition.

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