This may be the Scouty-est Christmas tree we’ve ever seen

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, how Scouty are thy branches.

Charles Boone, an Eagle Scout from Dormont, Pa., showed off the Scouting-themed Christmas tree he’s rocking around this year.

Instead of traditional ornaments, Charles embellished his tree with patches earned during his years in Scouting. Instead of a star or angel tree-topper, Charles crowned the tree with his staff hat from the 2017 National Jamboree. And instead of a fancy tree skirt, Charles used Scout neckerchiefs and his Order of the Arrow sash.

The tree’s signature element is Charles’ merit badge sash, draped over the tree in a way that ties everything together. Visible from the front are some — but not all — of the 137 merit badges Charles has earned.

Charles’ mom, Monica, sent me the photo of her son and his tree.

She said Scouting memories presented in this way “make the holiday season bright.”

Scouting the holidays

Do you have any Scouting-themed holiday decorations in your home? Let me know in the comments.

More photos of Charles’ tree


  1. My son has had “his scout” tree for several years. Patches from scouts and national parks adorned his. MB sash has been cut in two pieces and framed along with OA sash and NOAC sash. Good job

  2. My Christmas Village is a Scout camp, Ranger Station – a few Tents – Trading Post – Climbing Tower and Scout figures. We also have 7 Scout Ornaments on our tree.

  3. We have a scout tree that is a combination of scout Christmas patches ,Hallmark Snoopy Scout ornaments,and ornaments made in my grandson den meetings.

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