myScouting app puts training, rosters at your fingertips

Scouters, now you can carry more of the tools you need to do your job everywhere Scouting takes you.

The myScouting app, the BSA’s official app to help leaders facilitate the Scouting program, has a refreshed look and all-new features.

The app is free and available now for Android devices (Android 4.4 KitKat or higher), as well as iPhones and iPads (iOS 9.0 or higher). Just search “myScouting” in your device’s app store.

When you open the app, you’ll log in with your myScouting username and password. The app will show you the tools available to you based on your Scouting position.

You’ll see your member ID, how many days remain until your Youth Protection training expires, links to resources and much more.

Other noteworthy features of the myScouting app include:

  • An organization roster so you can see all active adult members registered under your governance — down to the unit level. You can filter by Youth Protection trained status, position trained status and more. You can easily update this information, too, and even call or email directly from your device. And of course you can update your own contact info — address, phone number, email — right in the app as well.
  • A training center that lets you complete Youth Protection training and other online trainings right from your device. You can also view, save and send completed training certificates in the app.
  • Commissioner tools so commissioners can complete unit assessments, track roundtables, and view and track commissioner assignments.
  • Calendar and announcements pages so Key 3 members can share updates with members registered under their governance.
  • A resources page with links to the latest BSA material, such as the Guide to Advancement or Handbook for District Operations.

The new app supports both English and Spanish. There’s also a night-mode feature that darkens the screen — so you won’t keep your spouse awake when you’re working on Scouting late at night.

Behind the scenes

The app is the work of the BSA’s information delivery group. An array of volunteer beta testers offered their feedback on ways to improve the user experience.

Have some feedback to share? You can do so from within the app.


  1. I just downloaded it for my android… oddly, it’s rated “T” for teen. I wonder why.
    I expect it’s the same information as website, just better than the mobile version on your handheld device.

  2. If the app worked as advertised ti would be useful. My dad and I both looked at it last night. (He is a COR for one unit and I am a SM for another.) In short, the only things that worked for either of us were the profile and seeing our own training.

    There are some useful links. Unfortunately, they would be more useful on something other than my phone. I prefer to read paper sized PDFs on a larger screen.Looks like it is more of the same over promised under delivered software upgrades from BSA. Perhaps the professionals should start each day with the Scout Oath and Law??

  3. Considering our annual registration fees were just raised, I have a concern with WHY we are spending money for 1) something that we already have online, 2) a mobile app with functionality that is NOT needed in a mobile environment (like on a campout) and 3) continuing to develop an app that must be maintained on specific platforms when we have a universal platform (Scoutbook) that works on any device (including windows phones). I would rather see the BSA spend their time on adding the functionality to Scoutbook that they keep promising. Somebody needs to prioritize what we’re working on folks.

    • Other than accessing training via smartphone, Scoutbook is way more functional.
      Still confused as to why it is necessary to re-enter credentials to access training when you are already logged in.
      Disappointed that I had to download another 3rd party android app to use myscouting.

    • Scoutbook and this app are for two different areas. Scoutbook is for Advancement, Myscouting is for the Commissioner Corp. Think of it as Word and Excel. Both are from Microsoft, but do different things. There are many things that a Unit Commissioner can do with this App in the field. It is a major improvement over what has been out there for awhile. Plus the Android version was just released for the first time.

  4. Also disappointed that the ap only seems relevant to District roles. I’m also a Committee Chair and am unable to access any of the Info I can get to on My.Scouting.Org

  5. The article mentions being able to see training for everyone in your unit (being the training coordinator). I can see all that in, but cannot seem to find that in this app.

  6. As a District Commissioner, I would like to be able to enter unit visits and contacts, but I’m having a little trouble figuring out how to do that. The only units that appear are the two that are directly assigned to me. I’d like to have every unit in the District to appear under my profile…any ideas?

  7. I have the app on my phone, but cannot seem to open the training courses. It just send on a loop through the course description. Trying to do the Merit badge counselor training.

  8. The app is not Available to scouters in the Transatlantic and Far East Councils due to regional locks. Once again these two Historic councils are overlooked and left in the cold struggling to fend for themselves.

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