Build this Pinewood Derby display case with your Cub Scouts

When the Pinewood Derby race is done, the cars remain as priceless artifacts of history.

Like all those irreplaceable items from childhood, these shouldn’t be relegated to a dusty drawer.

Those cars belong in something like this handsome homemade Pinewood Derby display case. Build it, and preserve those memories forever.

The case includes five shelves for five cars — one for each year of Cub Scouting.

The plans are courtesy of Neil Fern, a Scouter in the Northeast Illinois Council. He made them as part of his Wood Badge ticket and agreed to let me post the plans here.

Neil designed the kit and cut several unassembled versions. He gave those unassembled kits to the boys in his Webelos den, leaving the sanding, assembling and painting to the boys.

Pinewood Derby display case plans

Click here for Neil’s plans, courtesy of the Cub Hub blog, which is where Neil’s story was first posted.


  1. One could be built and displayed at Lowes for the district/council PWD winners. One – the boys will be recognized and two – good PR with Lowes/Local BSA council. It does not hurt to ask.

  2. So do the boys just assemble the cut pieces, because the Guide to Safe Scouting precludes all power tool use by cub scouts (even power drills)? Unfortunate guidelines in my opinion, but they are there nonetheless. I was hoping to make a similar case, but want the boys to make something from start to finish, including coming up with the bill of materials, cutting, assembling, and finishing.

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