Top 10 links to share with new Cub Scout families to get them up to speed

New Cub Scout families might not know a den leader from a den chief or a Wolf from a Webelos.

And you know what? That’s perfectly fine.

But you can help them get them acquainted with this life-changing program for boys by sending them some or all of the links below.

Post them on your pack’s Facebook page, email them to your pack parents (one a week or all at once), or repost them to your pack website.

The point is this: there are some great resources out there, and seasoned Scouters like you can share the wealth. The links may have you thinking, “I wish I had access to these resources when I was a newbie Cub Scout leader.”

And you know what? That’s perfectly fine, too. Expert Scouters like you can help others learn what you’ve known for years — or, in some cases, decades. Why not share the wealth?

1. What are the basics to know before starting Cub Scouts this fall?

If a new Cub Scout parents reads just one post, make it this one that shares three Cub Scout must-knows.

2. Why do Cub Scouts meet with their packs and dens each week?

This post covers why Cub Scouts have meetings and what they do at them.

3. What is a blue and gold banquet?

At some point this fall, the Cubmaster is going to start talking about the blue and gold banquet. Here’s what that is.

4. Are Cub Scouts part of Boy Scouts?

Yes, Cub Scouts are part of the Boy Scouts of America, but they have their own awesome program. Read more about the difference.

5. What is the order of Cub Scout ranks?

Informed Cub Scout parents will want to know the definitive order of Cub Scout ranks.

6. What is the Arrow of Light?

Short answer: the Arrow of Light is the pinnacle of Cub Scouting. For the longer answer, go here.

7. What is Boys’ Life magazine?

Short answer: If it’s in a boy’s life, it’s in Boys’ Life magazine. Slightly longer answer: Boys’ Life is a monthly magazine for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturers. It includes Scouting stories, science facts, fun jokes and games, stories of Scouting heroism, previews of the latest books and movies for guys, and much more. For Scouts, the cost is just $12 a year ($1 an issue).

Contact your local council or unit leader for details.

8. What is the Pinewood Derby?

The Pinewood Derby, a racing event using cars Cub Scouts build with their parents or guardians, is a Cub Scouting tradition. Read tips for planning the best Pinewood Derby ever, and tips for helping your Cub Scout build a faster car.

9. How do I help my Cub Scout get ready to camp?

Read these four suggestions for getting your pack’s camping program into high gear.

10. How can I support a Scout with special needs?

There’s room for everyone in a Cub Scout pack or den, especially Cub Scouts with special needs. Here’s how to help them feel welcome.

Don’t forget the hashtag

When sharing one or more of these links via social media, why not use the #ShareScouting hashtag? It’ll help new Scouting families find other content applicable to them.

Expert Scouters, what would you add?

What other links do you share with new Cub Scout families? Leave a comment below.


      • rather rude, sometimes there is a lack of shareable experiences when new boys crossover. The Boy Scout Handbook is useful to a point, but sometimes others input could help them out a bit. Explaining things that is in that book. We had one boy crossover and 2 boys make Eagle within months of each other. Not much was explained for the Newest Scout on what he needed to do for the Eagle Ceremonies. So rather than be a smartalec be helpful.

    • The religious awards are faith specific. There is a site/source for most of the awards, but not all, at .You won’t find the faith award requirements in any “official” BSA material. Check with your particular House of Worship, church, synagogue, temple , mosque, etc. If you Google (a verb, heh?) the faith, you can find the Scout Committee for it, for instance, the Friends Committee on Scouting, the National Catholic Committee on Scouting, etc. and they can certainly provide the age specific award requirements. The Boy Scout Handbook has a listing of these sources in the back, I do not remember seeing a comprehensive listing in any Cub Scout Handbook. As to the Cub awards like the Summer Activity Award, most are Unit earned. “The work is done by whoever shows up”, so maybe you could do YOUR “good turn” for your unit and collect these awards for everyone to earn !
      See you on the trail.

  1. Have parents do scouting of their own at thrift stores for equipment and uniforms at discounted prices.
    “when someone else is done it can be the beginning of your fun”.

    • Very True Jodi…. I know Dave Lyons and he is such an entertaining man. I am fortunate to have him as a Commissioner within my Council. He pops up at Roundtables all of the time!. Also if you are fortunate enough to live near Wilmington, Del, he works at the National Store there!

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