7 useful things you’ll find at the new Troop Leader Resources website

Better troop meetings are a click away.

Troop Leader Resources — available at troopleader.org — is a new, BSA-authorized website that helps Scouts and Scouters plan better meetings.

With its videos of real Scouts in real troops, the site is a one-stop shop for new and experienced troop leaders.

Here are seven helpful things you’ll find there:

1. Troop meeting agendas

The Troop Meeting Agenda page breaks down each segment of the troop meeting plan with 11 short sample videos from actual troop meetings. There’s also a fillable troop meeting planning sheet, if the Patrol Leaders’ Council chooses to fill out meeting plans online.

2. Program features

Program Features is the site’s biggest section, presenting each of the 48 program features with explanatory information, ideas for troop meetings and ideas for monthly main events. Each page has its own navigation bar linking to corresponding program feature subsections.

3. Program resources

The Program Resources page contains Scout meeting activities, campcraft skill videos, troop ceremony ideas and a collection of Scoutmaster’s minutes.

4. Planning tips

The Planning page covers the annual and monthly planning process, including an illustrative video of an actual Patrol Leaders’ Council in action.

5. Training advice

The Training page covers both adult and youth training.

6. Outings ideas

The Outings page is a gateway of general information about camping equipment, troop site setup and camping trip activities.

7. General troop information

The General Troop Information page has topics relevant to running a troop. Each has its own page, covering topics like troop positions, the patrol, boards of review, courts of honor, fundraisers and the Scoutmaster conference.

Hat tip: Thanks to Larry Green and Garfield Murden for the info.


  1. We have some really great resources but they are not always very well organized. Sometimes there are multiple versions of the same document in various places.

    • There presently is no comment screen on the website. Originally, Troop Leader Resources was to also serve as an interactive blog where troop leaders could share information about their approach to a specific program feature, a successful outing, or share a video of something special from their troop, but as of this writing, this feature has been placed on a back burner.

  2. At VoiceofScouting.org we have used and loved these resources for sometime now. In our area this site is proving to be the best place to help your SPL so that your troop can be a boy-led troop. I have perused every bit of the site and commend Larry for bringing it to life and BSA for promoting it!

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