Cub Scout lets hair grow for two years, donates it all to a friend in need

Sometimes a big Good Turn takes a little extra time.

Just ask Tyler Boone.

The 10-year-old Cub Scout from Pack 1510 of the Northeast Georgia Council let his hair grow out for two years. When it was long enough, he cut it all off to give to a 12-year-old girl with a disorder that prevents her from growing hair.

The 12 inches of locks will be made into a wig for Gabby Ruiz, a Florida girl with alopecia areata.

When Tyler and Gabby met a few years back, “Tyler asked why Gabby wouldn’t take the [cover-up] off her head,” Tyler’s mom, Denise Boone, told ABC News. “We explained that Gabby had a condition that wouldn’t let her grow hair.”

And so Tyler decided to do something unbelievably friendly, courteous and kind. He’d grow his own hair so Gabby could have a wig of her own.

“Well, it’s just hair,” Tyler told his mom. “I can grow hair.”

Tyler was brave, too. As his hair grew, Tyler ignored the bullies who teased him for having long hair. He knew the end result — including the moment when Gabby herself cut off Tyler’s hair — would be worth it.

“I just want to make her happy,” Tyler said, according to this article.

Well done, Tyler!

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