Why hire a Scouting alumnus? Here are just nine of the countless reasons

They’re natural leaders with empathy for others and a resourceful approach to problems.

Those are just a few of the reasons why employers have eagerly hired former Scouts for as long as there have been Scouts.

For more, check out this fascinating post, originally written in Spanish for Forbes.es by Ana Sáenz de Miera.

The post was translated into English and shared on the official website of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, of which the Boy Scouts of America is a proud member.

Take a look at the list below.

Then leave a comment with your story: Did you hire a Scouting alumnus, and if so, why? Were you hired because of your Scouting past?

Why hire a Scouting alumnus?

  1. They know how to work in teams.
  2. They are creative.
  3. They know how to lead and how to be lead.
  4. They have empathy for others.
  5. They value effort.
  6. They know how to set goals and how to evaluate them.
  7. They’re generous.
  8. They are advocates against injustice.
  9. They are resourceful.

Scouts aren’t just “Prepared. For Life.” They’re prepared to be productive leaders in the workforce, too.

Ask any employer; they’ll tell you.

For a deeper explanation into each of these nine points, click here.

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