New Smokey Bear PSAs add fuel to fire-prevention message

Scouts and Smokey Bear have been allies in the cause of wildfire prevention ever since the mascot’s 1944 debut.

Scouts have made Smokey conservation posters, sold Smokey Bear litter baskets for fundraisers and posed for photos with Smokey at National Scout Jamborees.

Smokey was even referenced in Scouting magazine as far back as our April 1949 issue (see that page at the end of this post).

But even though Smokey is now a septuagenarian, his message is still as fresh as ever.

That’s especially true with the debut of two new PSAs that cover some lesser-known causes of wildfires: unattended fire pits and barbeque coals, metal chains dragging from a vehicle, and parking over tall, dry grass.

Here are the new PSAs, which were created by the same company that first created Smokey’s image 72 years ago.

More Smokey Bear resources

Smokey’s website has ton of fire-prevention content for Cub Scouts (like printable coloring pages) and Boy Scouts (like campfire rules) to enjoy. Take a look.

Smokey and the BSA

BSA and Smokey posters from 1953, 1960 and 1980.




Smokey in Scouting magazine


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