Eagle Scout author back with the second book in his Minecraft trilogy

The incredible story of an Eagle Scout making waves in the publishing world reaches its second chapter today.

I first blogged about Sean Fay Wolfe, now 18, in July after he sold his trilogy of unofficial Minecraft books to HarperCollins. That meant a nice payday for Sean and a significantly wider audience for his work.

Today’s news is that his second book in Elementia Chronicles trilogy is here at last. The New Order: An Unofficial Minecraft-Fan Adventure (Elementia Chronicles) is available at Amazon.

Sean’s now a freshman at the University of Rhode Island, meaning he has a little less time to play Minecraft these days. There’s a new pull on his time, as well: meeting with Scouts to help inspire the next generation of readers and writers.

He has visited several Boy Scout troops to give presentations on the book and his experiences writing it. He’s even offered to visit your pack or troop — either in person or via Skype. All you have to do is ask. 

Off to a great start

I contacted Sean by email, and he told me he was wowed by the reaction to his trilogy’s first book, Quest for Justice.

“I’ve seen many reviews that praise the book and say that the fans are looking forward to the release of the second book,” Sean writes.

Here’s one five-star review I especially liked:

My 11yo son likes Minecraft, but isn’t absorbed into it. I read about this series through the Boy Scouts as they wrote an article about the books and the author who is an Eagle Scout (my son is involved in Boy Scouts as well). With the two connections, I decided to get it and see what he thought. 2 days after receiving it, he was begging me for the next one and was crushed to find out it wasn’t released yet. He is one to become absorbed into books he loves, and this one did it for him.

The second chapter

The New Order is set a couple of months after Quest for Justice and, Sean says, it covers “how the characters, both good and bad, deal with the aftermath of the events at the end of Quest for Justice.”

“The story is a bit more complex than the simple adventure story that was Quest for Justice and is, in my opinion, a more intriguing story because of it,” Sean tells me.

He says that to fully understand Book Two, it helps to start with Book One.

An exciting offer

Ever since young readers got hooked on the Elementia Chronicles, Sean has been invited to schools, libraries and Boy Scout troop meetings to talk.

He shares his story, offers tips and discusses the writing process. Interested in having him visit? All you have to do is ask.

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