How do you offer financial assistance to pack and troop families?

Tuesday-TalkbackAt a recent join Scouting event in Texas, a mom told the Cubmaster her son would join the pack — but not until next spring.

“That’s when we can afford it,” she said.

“Go ahead and bring him to the meeting on Monday night,” the Cubmaster said. “We’ll figure out the money stuff later.”

The Cubmaster did the right thing. No young person should be denied the Scouting experience because of money. But now the Cubmaster must find a way to fund that boy’s registration, Boys’ Life subscription, event costs and more.

In some packs and troops, a generous donor makes sure no family gets left out. In others, a portion of each Scout’s annual dues is set aside for financial assistance. Others complete an additional fundraising project to support its families in need.

For today’s Tuesday Talkback, tell us how you offer financial assistance to pack and troop families.

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In the May-June 2014 issue of Scouting magazine, Mark Ray wrote a piece on this very subject. Start there. Then leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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