New BSA recruiting videos show that Scouting is for families like yours

In a new series of well-made BSA recruiting videos, three moms explain why Scouting is the right fit for their family.

In the videos, each about two minutes long, Catherine, Michelle and Becky share stories that will sound familiar to anyone who loves Scouting.

One mom has an only child who benefits from the lifelong friendships built in Scouting. Another saw Scouting as the best way to teach her son values he’ll carry into adulthood. The third, a single mom, sees her pack as a big extended family.

Watch all three videos below. But don’t keep them to yourself. Show them at recruiting events or post them on your unit, district or council Facebook page.

To help you do that, simply download the free, HD videos at the BSA Brand Center. Then share away.



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