What do Michigan State students think of all the Arrowmen on campus for NOAC 2015?

They’re friendly, polite and give lots of high fives.

That seemed to be the consensus among the Michigan State University students I talked to when I asked them this question: What do you think of the 15,000 Boy Scouts on your campus this week?

“They are so friendly and nice and make lots of jokes,” said Aja Green-Walker, an MSU student who works at Holden Hall on campus. “And I’m not used to being called ma’am so much.”

Arabelle Drake, who works with Aja, agreed. As far as she’s concerned, the Scouts are welcome back any time.

“Come back whenever,” she said. “MSU loves you guys.”

MSU-students-2‘Very genuine’

Darrell Stewart, a wide receiver for the MSU football team, was hanging out on campus when some Arrowmen invited him to play ga-ga, a variant of dodgeball.

He hadn’t played the game before and had an awesome time. As he played, he saw something in the Arrowmen that impressed him.

“Everybody was very genuine,” he said. “It’s basically a big brotherhood. Everybody looks after each other.”

MSU-students-3‘Lots of high fives’

Hygor Nunes, an MSU student from Brazil, said the lines for food were a little longer than usual because of the influx of Scouts.

But their friendliness made up for it.

“They give lots of high fives,” he said. “And they’re very polite.”

MSU-students-4‘Having a great time’

MSU student Connor Sisco had nothing but good things to say about the Arrowmen attending the National Order of the Arrow Conference.

“It seems like an interesting week,” he said. “Seems like they’re having a great time.”

MSU-students-5‘Generally polite’

Brooke Kranda, an MSU volleyball player, got back into town and noticed a bunch of Scouts on campus.

“Oh, there’s a convention going on,” she remembered saying to herself.

Several of the Arrowmen asked her for directions, and they were “generally polite,” she said.

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