What do you do when a den leader stops pulling his weight?

Tuesday-TalkbackYou’re at a pack committee meeting when you, the Cubmaster, get some shocking news.

One of the committee members tells you her son’s den, Den 3, has had just one den meeting in the past several months. Not good.

Now Den 3 has fallen behind the other dens that are meeting three times a month.

All of this is a surprise to you because Dave the den leader is a great guy. Until this point he’s been one of your best volunteers — helping plan events, always showing up at pack meetings and ensuring a great experience for the boys.

Ideally you would’ve learned about the skipped den meetings earlier, but it’s too late for what-ifs.

For today’s Tuesday Talkback, tell me:

  • What would you do as the Cubmaster?
  • How do you get Den 3 up to speed?
  • What do you say to Dave the den leader?
  • Have you ever had to ask a den leader to step down? How’d you do it, and why?

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