Print this camping packing list to make sure no item gets left behind

One thing I can tell you from experience: You’ll realize you forgot that essential piece of gear — flashlight batteries, can opener, propane for the stove — at the worst possible time.

Prevent camping frustrations with a comprehensive camping packing list.

And if you don’t have one, Illinois Scouter Steve Sarver has just the thing to get you started. 

Steve’s camping packing list is a Word document, meaning it’s simple for you to modify as you wish.

That’s helpful, because your list for a backpacking trip this fall won’t look the same as the one for your car-camping outing this winter.

He’s included pretty much everything you might need — year-round — on this master list. So you’ll want to delete things like “a swimsuit” for your ice-fishing trip. Brr!

You can download Steve Sarver’s camping packing list here (Word doc).

What would you add?

Take a look at Steve’s list, and let me (and him) know if anything’s missing.

Leave a comment below with your additions.

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