Reading Rainbow blog post about the power of Scouting is a must-read

Reading Rainbow has done for books what Scouting has done for the great outdoors.

Each offers young people a better childhood by connecting them to those essential elements of growing up.

The two forces united earlier this month when Boys’ Life Senior Writer Aaron Derr penned a powerful guest post on the Reading Rainbow blog.

Derr shows Reading Rainbow’s blog readers how the Scouting program and the great outdoors bring out the best in all Scouts — even those you initially fear might not make it.

It’s nice timing for a pro-Scouting post on Reading Rainbow’s blog, considering the brand’s Kickstarter-backed resurgence. Reading Rainbow just earned $5.4 million on Kickstarter, meaning it will bring books to more than 10,000 classrooms and beef up its mobile offerings.

The post, mainly targeted at non-Scouting families, has anecdotes I know you’ll appreciate.

Check out Derr’s Reading Rainbow guest post here, and if you like his writing as much as I do, pick up the latest Boys’ Life magazine for even more of his inspiring Scouting stories.

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  1. Great post. Even though it wasn’t about reading, it’s super to see the personal connection between Reading Rainbow and Scouting. I love seeing anything about reading and Scouting, as it brings to mind the heroic story of little Jimmy West, the crippled orphan boy who loved learning, started a library in the orphanage, and paid the younger children a penny (from his own pocket) for each book they read. As Chief Scout Executive, he emphasized reading as a Scout activity through Boys’ Life (even keeping it alive during the Great Depression) and the official BSA library of fiction books.

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