On righting wrongs in Scouting: When do you, the adult leader, speak up?

Tuesday-TalkbackDuring a summer camp flag ceremony, the American flag doesn’t quite make it to the top of the pole.

You, the adult leader …

A: Wait until later to privately talk with the Scouts serving as color guard.

B: Wait until later to talk with the senior patrol leader and ask him to speak with the color guard.

C: Yell out during the ceremony for the boys to “raise it all the way to the top!”

At a recent summer camp, one Scouter who will remain anonymous saw another adult choose Option C.

That led him to write me this email:


Thanks for your blog. One of the few I read regularly. Great source of timely information.

An idea for a future Tuesday Talkback discussion: How to properly correct situations.

I have to admit that I am frequently surprised at Scouting events by some of my fellow leaders’ behavior. Yelling at Scouts to take off their hats, for example.

Perhaps a Tuesday discussion on handling such situations and leaders — a gentle reminder that neither of these situations benefit from adults being jerks.


[Name Withheld]

Righting wrongs in Scouting

So what’s the right way to right a wrong you see in your pack, troop, team, crew, post or ship?

Share your ideas not only for righting wrongs you notice but also for dealing with adult leaders who try to right wrongs in inappropriate ways.

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