Tiger Cub becomes just Tiger and gets new image next year

Amid all the excitement around the new adventure loops and adventure pins announced today, you might have missed a smaller but still significant change to Cub Scouting for next year.

When the new Cub Scout program becomes official on May 2015, Tiger Cubs becomes simply Tiger and gets a new tiger image to go along with it.

Why? I’m told parents felt the current Tiger Cub image was infantile. And adding the word “Cubs” to the name, parents told the BSA, made Tiger Cubs feel like a lesser rank than Wolf or Bear. (We don’t call those Wolf Cubs or Bear Cubs, after all.)

Besides, switching to a single name puts Tiger in line with the other single-name animals: Wolf and Bear.

Also changing is the Tiger image. The new emblem incorporates a more mature-looking Tiger, again bringing the rank in line with Wolf and Bear.

Learn more at the Program Updates page.

Here’s the old image:

tiger cub

And here’s the new one:

new tiger image


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