Been there, built that? Get the official BSA racing and Team SLR T-shirt

scotty-shirts-orderYou’d have to be crazy to get behind the wheel of a race car built by a bunch of Scouts, right?

Then I guess NASCAR driver and BSA Racing partner Scott Lagasse Jr. is a little crazy. At the 2013 jamboree, I reported on Team SLR’s wildly popular exhibit up at Technology Quest where Scouts and Venturers built a real race car, piece by piece.

“I don’t know of anyone in the racing world doing it,” Scotty told me at the time. “They’re gonna say we’re nuts.”

Crazy or not, the Scouts did it. The result is a car covered with Scouts’ signatures and put together by Scouts under the guidance of Team SLR professionals.

Sadly, Scouts didn’t get to keep the car for themselves — Scotty needs it for an upcoming race. But now, they can get the next best thing with the official “I Built This” T-shirt. There’s even one for Moms and Dads that says “My Scout Built This.”

Whether you attended the jamboree or not, it’s a nice way to show your support for Scouting and BSA Racing.

An important reminder about BSA Racing

To, hopefully, stave off any misconceptions, I’ve started including this reminder with all of my posts about BSA Racing, which includes the IndyCar team and the NASCAR Nationwide Series team:

In past blog posts about BSA Racing, some commenters intimated that the Boy Scouts of America was investing heaps of its own money to support these cars. That’s not true. In fact, the program is a royalty-free arrangement, meaning that thanks to the generous support of Dale Coyne Racing, IndyCar, and Scott Lagasse Racing, there’s no cash investment from the BSA.

Instead, in return for the support from those three groups, the BSA lists them as national sponsors in its promotional materials — that’s it. It’s the kind of relationship where everyone sees the checkered flag.

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