How to monitor your Scout’s spending and benefit Scouting

With some teens, you might as well give their allowance directly to Best Buy, GameStop, or Cinemark, because it’s going straight there anyway.

There’s got to be a better way. And now, there is. Harness the power of the Boy Scouts of America Discover® prepaid card, which lets you monitor your kid’s daily spending, teach him or her how to create and manage a budget, and do it all while benefiting the Boy Scouts of America.

I mentioned this program last year, but it’s worth repeating: This isn’t a credit card. Instead, it’s a prepaid, reloadable card that’s safer and more practical than the wad of cash in your Scout’s or Venturer’s cargo shorts.

Parents can monitor purchases through the online or mobile site, giving them instant access to increase or decrease allowance and ensure that said allowance is being spent wisely. There’s also a wealth of financial education materials, including videos, games, and budget calculators that families can explore together.

Scouts get the benefit of instant access to their cash, peace of mind knowing they’re not broke if their wallet goes missing, and live safety and emergency services coordinators, available 24/7 if they’re ever in a jam.

And here’s a cool bonus: Local councils get a piece of the action. A portion of proceeds are sent right to councils so that Scouting in your community can thrive.

To learn more or get a card for your Scouts, go to

Now that the program has been up and running, mFunds has answered some frequently asked questions about the program: 

What are the fees?

See the complete fees page for details.

Why are there fees?

Here’s what mFunds says:

Obviously, there are always costs involved with running any business and this program is no exception. We have worked together with the Boy Scouts of America to limit cost and in positioning the fees and cost structure of the product. We are proud that we are offering competitive fees in the prepaid debit card industry for this type of product.

While some fees go towards support of the program (in providing the program benefits noted below), a portion is distributed back to Boy Scouts of America and is shared down to the local council level, directly supporting the Scouts program. The card can be used most effectively if the Scout and parent monitor the card balance through free online tools and do not attempt to overspend the amount of funds loaded to the card.

Why a Scout prepaid card?

Here’s the response from mFunds:

We have strived to work with the Boy Scouts of America to create a product that would support and build upon the tremendous history of the Scouts. We feel we have developed a product that helps young adults prepare for the challenges of their adult lives through financial literacy and with the tools that are available to help Scouts learn how to manage personal finances.

What other benefits does the card offer?

Again, let’s let mFunds weigh in:

  • You can log into the site, go to the “Financial Resources” section, and access a Local Coupons Portal. This portal provides coupons and discounts for participating local merchants. You can also access Financial Literacy Articles from this section, to read and share with the entire family, in an effort to encourage and build financial responsibility.
  • If ever in need of emergency safety services, your Scout can call the toll-free number on the back of the card and select to access the Emergency Services Concierge and speak with a live operator who will assist in coordinating with the authorities, medical assistance, towing assistance, and more.*
  • In case the card is ever lost or stolen, you or your Scout can simply text “OFF” to the mFunds short code (48723) and temporarily disable the card, preventing unauthorized use.**

These benefits and more are included in the program.

FINE PRINT: The Boy Scouts of America Discover® prepaid card is issued by First California Bank pursuant to a license from Discover Network. Discover and the Discover acceptance mark are service marks used by First California Bank under license from Discover Financial Services. mFunds Global Payment Solutions is a registered ISO of First California Bank.

*The personal concierge live operator service does not include actual charges incurred from service providers for specific assistance and services. These services are not provided by Discover or First California Bank.

**The mobile SMS services does not include actual charges incurred from mobile service providers.

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