You tell me: How would you define the term ‘Eagle Scout’?

What is an “Eagle Scout”?

The question seems deceptively simple. I mean, we know an Eagle Scout when we meet one.

But coming up with an eloquent way to define Scouting’s highest honor is harder than it seems.

Just ask Anthony C., a Life Scout who sent me this e-mail last week:

Dear Bryan,

This is Anthony C., Life Scout, and I am working on acquiring my Eagle Scout rank. I am doing a presentation to my local park board on building a disc golf course and in my presentation I have a slide on defining an Eagle Scout, but I have not been able to come up with a good definition. And all of the definitions I have seen are too conceited or just don’t explain what an Eagle Scout is. If you could send me a definition it would be greatly appreciated.


Anthony C., Life Scout

Thanks for the e-mail, Anthony, and congrats on being just a couple of steps away from the Eagle Scout Award.

For definitions, my first stop is always the trusty Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Here’s the listing:

  1. a Boy Scout who has reached the highest level of achievement in Scouting
  2. a straight-arrow and self-reliant man

The first definition, though accurate, seems pretty boring to me. That alternate definition, though? Love it!

But there must be an even better way to define the term “Eagle Scout.” So let’s see what you, the  Bryan on Scouting readers, come up with.

Share your definition of “Eagle Scout” by leaving a comment below.

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