We’ve talked the talk, so follow us as we “Walk the Walk” toward an active lifestyle

Would you tell a Scout to wear his uniform while you show up in a T-shirt and jeans?


Just like we wouldn’t tell you about the importance of an active lifestyle while sitting in our La-Z-Boys.

That’s the thinking behind the Boy Scouts of America’s new Walk the Walk challenge. By now you’ve seen us talk the talk about getting fit. Now, 15 BSA adult leaders and I are ready to practice what we preach.

How? By earning the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award.

The requirements are simple: Thirty minutes of activity a day, five days a week, for six weeks.

Following our progress is easy, too. Each of the 16 leaders has his or her own page (found here) where they can log activity and share their thoughts.

You can also see how many stars we’ve received. Each one represents a week of activity completed. Earn six stars in the next eight weeks, and we win the award!

Hey, like a video game! In fact, I’m told we can count active games on the Wii, Kinect, or PlayStation Move in our daily tally.

Video games? Now that’s exercise I can really get into.

Here’s my page on the Walk the Walk site. Read how the challenge helped me restructure my morning routine.

I now exercise before I get to work. I still wake up at the same time, but now, instead of fighting rush-hour traffic to get in by 8, I leave the house early and hit the gym right near the office.

It’s been good for my health and great for my evenings. It’s nice to get home from a long day at the office knowing my daily exercise is done.

But going to the health club isn’t the only activity that counts. I can walk my dog, mow the lawn, or play basketball — all eligible activities.

It’s all part of the program to show you and other Scouters and Scouts how getting active can be easy and fun. And that we’re not just talking the talk about healthy living — we’re willing to Walk the Walk.

Keep up with our progress for the next eight weeks, and then stay tuned for more info on how you and your unit can join the BSA’s fitness revolution!

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