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You’ve never seen a jamboree like this.

Each time the BSA hosts its signature event, the result is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the Scouts and Scouters who attend. But 2013’s edition promises to bring the jamboree experience to a new level.

How? Well, just like in real estate, it starts with location. The big event will be the first jamboree at the new Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve in West Virginia.

But there’s more to the BSA’s 18th national Scout jamboree than just the new digs.

The Jamboree Division has made some wholesale changes to the way the event is organized. Such as…

  • A smaller footprint: Jamboree campsites will take up about 1,000 acres instead of the 5,000 used at Fort A.P. Hill for previous jamborees. That means the farthest campsite is just 1.5 miles from the arena stage. Result: Less time spent walking, and more time spent having fun.
  • An all-Venturers subcamp: You know Venturers can now attend the jamboree, right? Well, in 2013 they’ll get a subcamp all to themselves to meet peers who share their enthusiasm for high adventure.
  • No vehicles: You won’t hear, “Look out, here comes a car!” at the Summit. Personal vehicles aren’t allowed within the jamboree footprint.
  • More technology: Part of the “BSA magic” will be the integration of technology. More details on this as 2013 nears.
  • A focus on service: Each Scout and Scouter will participate in a Day of Giving Back, in which they complete a service project for the area.
  • Less gear: The jamboree will provide tents, cooking equipment, and all other troop gear. Result: No more filling up an 18-wheeler and sending it on a cross-country trip.
  • More fun for visitors: Can’t make it for the entire 10 days? For a small fee, visitors can enjoy an all-new experience tailored just for them, including “jamboree lite,” which offers a sampling of jamboree activities for families.

Check out the full list of what’s new for even more information. 

The Summit’s main jamboree Web site has a ton of other details for 2013, too, including fees, participant qualifications, and more.

And you can’t miss the new, excellent promotional video, seen below.

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