November-December 2010 Where Am I? winner announced

Whereami6In our November-December 2010 edition of Where Am I?, the gorgeous picture at left was a nice treat for all of our readers.

But only one reader got an additional treat: a $100 gift card to the BSA’s supply division.

We received nearly 1,000 responses to this edition of the contest, and 653 correctly identified the mystery location: Vermont’s Quechee Gorge Bridge along Route 4.

We accepted pretty much any answer containing the word Quechee, whether you named Quechee Gorge, Quechee State Park, or Quechee Gorge Bridge.

Ottauquechee River, which flows through the gorge, was also accepted.

We used a random-number generator to pick our winner: Bob Manfredo, a Scouter from Bethel Park, Pa.

Bob had an interesting story to tell us when we contacted him with the good news. He said that he had promised the boys in his troop’s Venture Patrol that if he won this contest, he would give them the gift card.

Now that he beat the odds and won, will he keep that promise?

You bet he will. The patrol, called the Thunderbird Extreme Patrol, needs some camping equipment, so this $100 gift card will go a long way toward helping them acquire some needed supplies, Bob says.

Congratulations to Bob for winning our contest, and to the Thunderbird Extreme guys: enjoy your Scouting gear!

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