Philmont documentary offers complete look at Scouting’s premier hiking destination

It’s hard to put into words the experience that awaits anyone who visits Philmont Scout Ranch. You pretty much have to check it out for yourself.

But a new documentary about Philmont succeeds at what once seemed impossible: It takes you inside the BSA’s preeminent hiking destination from the comfort of your living room.

The film’s target audience consists of two main groups: Scouts and Scouters who want to revisit their Philmont memories, and people who haven’t yet been to Philmont but want to see what their friends are raving about.

Oh, and did we mention it’s in high-definition? After all, you need an HD camera to fully capture the majestic beauty of Philmont’s 138,000 acres.

The 93-minute film, created by Larry McLaughlin, begins with the story of Philmont’s origins, taking viewers through the early days of the sprawling Cimarron, N.M., ranch. It tracks the progress as Philmont becomes one of the BSA’s three (soon to be four) national high-adventure bases.

Later in the film, viewers follow a modern crew as it experiences the “peaks and valleys of a trek.” Along the way, you’ll traverse across land that’s rugged but welcoming. You’ll meet staff, from seasoned pros to first-timers, who share a contagious enthusiasm. And you’ll see what drives Scouts and Scouters back to Philmont year after year.

Mike K., whose comments were posted on the documentary’s official Web site, sums up his thoughts about the Philmont film:

“Ten years since I last left Philmont … this brought me back, got me excited, captivated me, got me to remember people and places I haven’t thought about in years,” he writes. “This film goes a long way for someone who has never been to show the way Philmont touches your soul, and for someone who has been, it brings it all back.”

The documentary is available on DVD for $25 or Blu-ray for $27. You can place an order on the official Web site or at the Tooth of Time Traders, Philmont Scout Ranch’s official store.

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