AT&T creates jamboree communications network

ATTlogo Thanks to support from AT&T, the BSA's exclusive communications services sponsor, it will be easy to stay connected at the 2010 National Scout Jamboree next month.

As we reported in October, AT&T is offering a vast communications network for jamboree attendees. That's notable because Fort A.P. Hill, Va., the site of this year's jamboree, has in the past experienced spotty cell phone coverage and limited Internet access.

This year, however, AT&T customers will have access to AT&T's wireless network for data services and voice calls.

And everyone, even those who aren't AT&T customers, will have free access to the AT&T Wi-Fi network to get a fast wireless connection while on the jamboree site. That's perfect for sending videos and photos to envious friends and family back home.

Check out the rest of the details:

  • Six “Connection Zones” equipped with AT&T netbooks and wireless devices throughout the jamboree will let Scouts get online and even make free phone calls home.
  • AT&T will offer Wi-Fi network access for all jamboree participants, staff, and visitors to access the mobile Internet using their Wi-Fi enabled smartphones, laptops, netbooks, or other wireless devices
  • A special text-message service will provide important safety and logistical information.


  1. The Luddite Jamboree Scoutmasters out there that are STILL forbidding their Scouts from bringing cell phones and other wireless devices REALLY, REALLY, need to see this great news! Thanks for posting the details.

  2. Thank you AT&T. We may not all remember to say thank you, but your contribution to Scouting is extremely laudable.

  3. Sounds like a fine idea on its face. Unfortunately it is an idea that may create more heat than light—clearly much ado about nothing because banning cell phones may not be an issue. Unless I’m missing something, it won’t matter how much Wi-Fi access there is if after about two days, the 40,000 Scouts and leaders essentially won’t have charged phones to use in the first place. Moreover, what a shame it will be if everyone spends their Scouting energy and time trying to find a charging station instead of focusing on the Jamboree experience.

  4. @ Bill Kirk: If you go back and read the original announcement from October, you will see that AT&T is also providing free charging stations for any cell phone, not just for their subscribers.

  5. They have the charging issue solved. They have drop off locations for 30 minute quick charges. On the map that came with the last issue of Boy’s Life, they had all the locations marked.

  6. Thanks AT&T, we are longtime AT&T users and my son was looking forward to posting photos and tories so that not only will his family and friends see what he is doing but also his Home Troop. He has a solar charger, and will use that but nice to know that you will be there too.

  7. I am at the Jamboree just to let other T_Mobile users it is not working here and most if not all are not allowing us to roam so you will not have coverage here……..

  8. I’m at Jambo now, wifi in my tent. It appears to be at the entrance to each subcamp as well as at the “connection zones” marked on the map. …Rather fast as well.

  9. Thank’s to you AT&T, that free access to your Wi-Fi network to get a fast connection is really awesome. Feel like I was there too, I never lost contact to my friend not even a single minute. I hope you will offer the same thing again next time. Just to let you know I bookmarked your content.

  10. Great post. A million thanks to you AT&T for you overwhelming support. Thanks also for posting the details. We will never forget your support. Thanks a lot.

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