BSA alters age and grade eligibility requirements for Venturing

Venturinglogo The Boy Scouts of America's National Executive Board today announced a change in the age and grade requirements for the Venturing program.

Effective May 1, 2010, the minimum age/grade requirement will be changed to 14 years of age or 13 years of age and completion of the eighth grade. The previous requirements mandated that participants be 14 years of age and have completed the eighth grade.

The change was made to accommodate boys and girls who have late birthdays, usually from June to September. Under the previous requirement, these boys and girls were not able to immediately join a Venturing crew with their friends when their class graduated from the eighth grade. Now that's no longer an issue.

The new requirements do apply to Sea Scouts, who are part of the Venturing program. But Explorers and Venturers who are part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints won't be affected by the change.

Still have some questions about the ramifications of this decision? Check out the detailed FAQs outlined on this Web site.

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