Name That Council: October 2, 2009 solution

When it comes to great American rivers, it’s hard to beat
the mighty Missouri—the longest river in the United States. The legendary river
has an important place in our nation’s history—a history the patch you see
below tries to honor through its iconic image of a riverboat and a
coonskin-cap-wearing explorer.


Did you know the council’s name? Follow the jump to find


It’s the Great Rivers Council, with
headquarters in Columbia, Mo. The council serves 7,800 youths and 3,200
volunteers in its 33-county area in central and northeast Missouri.


Columbia, which is probably best known as the home of the
University of Missouri, is near the confluence of the Osage and Missouri
rivers. The capitol building you see in the background is from Jefferson City,
Missouri’s state capital, which is about 30 miles from Columbia.


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