Scouter Spotlight: It’s Your Turn

100th-logo So far, we’ve celebrated the great work of 15 different
volunteers in our Scouter Spotlight series. We’re still looking for great
candidates for future editions of that feature (just e-mail us if you have
one), but there’s another way to honor great Scouts or Scouters in your life. It’s the National Hall of Leadership, and nominations are
being accepted now.

There will be one inductee to the hall from each local
council, and the national office will add one more, meaning about 300 of the
best Scouts and Scouters will become official inductees. The announcement will
be made in May 2010 at the BSA National Annual Meeting in Dallas.

Have someone to nominate? Click here. But
first, check out the requirements:

nominee must be a living Scout or Scouter, but he or she doesn’t have to be
currently registered in the program.

the Scout or Scouter's time in the program, he or she must have been involved
for at least a year.

no age limit—nominate your child, spouse, or grandparent!

can submit as many nominations as you want.

are due by Feb. 8, 2010.

Even though only around 300 Scouts and Scouters will make it
into the hall, we at Cracker Barrel know that millions of Scouts and Scouters
have made a great contribution to the program in its 100-year history.

Keep up the great work into the next 100 years!

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