Waiting is the hardest part

Jambologo We at Cracker Barrel can’t wait for the 2010 National Scout
Jamboree, and we’ve literally been counting down the seconds till it gets here.

For those of you who haven’t been watching the clock as
diligently as we, it’s time to start. That’s because Sunday will mark exactly
31,536,000 seconds until the jamboree begins. Or, in more common language: one
year. Yep, just 365 days till the “best, most exciting, fun-filled, and safest jamboree ever” kicks off at Fort A.P. Hill, Va.

Even though we wish the jamboree started, say, tomorrow, we
know that the journey to get there will be fun, too—especially with the BSA’s
100th anniversary celebration set to begin in a few months.

So if you aren’t signed up to attend or serve on staff, do
it here
. But if you’re registered, we at Cracker Barrel will help you
pass the time with frequent updates about jamboree news as we hear it. And next
spring and summer you can turn to Cracker Barrel for weekly tips to help with
your final preparations.

In the meantime, the clock’s ticking, dudes and dudettes.
And just think—there are now 90 fewer seconds until the jamboree than when you
started reading this post.

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