Knot of the Week: Community Organization Award


When representatives from the vast network of chartered
Scouting organizations speak, the BSA listens. Want proof?

Look no further than the Community Organization Award. It began when a group of delegates
from several chartered organizations told the BSA how they wanted to recognize
adult leaders—with an award similar to the religious knots that represent the
various faith-based emblems awarded to Scouters.

The BSA accepted the offer and created the knot you see
above. Just like the purple-and-silver religious knot serves as a catchall for
every faith-based award, the purple-and-gold community organization knot serves
as a one-stop shop for the following prestigious awards:

  • Marvin M. Lewis Award, Benevolent and Protective Order of
    the Elks
  • Daniel Carter Beard Masonic Scouter Award
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Scouter’s Achievement Award
  • American Legion Scouting Square Knot Award
  • U.S. Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal,
    Department of Defense
  • Herbert G. Horton Alpha Phi Omega Youth Service Award
  • Cliff Dochterman Award, International Rotarians Fellowship
    of Scouting
  • Ruritan National Scout Leader Service Award
  • Raymond Finley Sea Scout Service Award, U.S. Power
  • George Meany Award, AFL-CIO

Receive one of those awards from the applicable
organization, and you’ve earned the right to wear the Community Organization
Award knot. Congrats!

For more information, contact your chartered organization.

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