Knot of the Week: Cub Scout Den Leader Award


Take a break
from corralling your den full of energized 7- to 10-year-olds, and listen up.
We know you work hard as a den leader, and we want give you a hint on how you
can get your just rewards.

Start recording
your progress as a volunteer and apply for
Cub Scout Den Leader Award
. The blue-and-gold (naturally) square knot is available
after you’ve spent one year as a registered Cub Scout den leader.

But, you’ve got
to complete these training and performance requirements:


  • Complete “The
    New Den Leader” Fast Start training, basic course for Cub Scout den leaders,
    and Youth Protection Training.
  • Participate in a
    Cub Scout leader pow wow or University of Scouting, or attend at least four

Performance (do five of the following 10):

  • During at least
    one program year, have at least 50 percent of your den’s boys earn the rank for
    their grade or age.
  • At least once,
    reregister a minimum of 75 percent of the eligible members of your den during
  • Graduate at
    least 60 percent of eligible boys in your den into Webelos Scouting.
  • Have an
    assistant den leader who meets regularly with your den.
  • Have a den chief
    who meets regularly with your den.
  • Take leadership
    in planning and conducting a den service project.
  • Conduct at least
    three den meetings per month, nine months per year.
  • Participate with
    your den in a Cub Scout day or resident camp.
  • Explore three
    “character connection” activities with your den in a year.
  • Hold regular den
    meeting and activity planning sessions with your assistant den leader.

Get the details,
and then get started.
Click here (link opens PDF) to download a printable,
wallet-size progress record. Your pack committee chairman, Cubmaster, and a
district representative must approve your progress as you complete the

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